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Breaking down every single one of Javon Hargrave’s 20.5 sacks over the last two seasons

Let’s enjoy the 49ers prize free agent and how successful he’s been during the past two seasons

NFC Championship - San Francisco 49ers v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images

Newly signed 49ers defensive tackle Javon Hargrave has been one of the most productive interior pass rushers in the NFL over the past two seasons. Hargrave has recorded over 60 pressures in each of the past two seasons, including a career high 11.5 sacks in 2022.

When including the postseason, Hargrave has recorded a total of 20.5 sacks dating back to the start of the 2021 season. I made cut ups of every single one of those 20.5 sacks that Hargrave has been responsible for during that span, and included a quick breakdown of his pre snap alignment and the pass rushing move he used to win those reps.

Without further ado, we start with...

Week 1, 2021 @ Atlanta

This was a signature game for Hargrave. The Eagles demolished the Falcons up front, and Hargrave played a large part in the dismantling of Atlanta’s offensive line in this one. Hargrave finished the game with six pressures, including these two sacks.

The first came on a swim move from the 2i technique.

The second came from the three technique on a bull rush with a bit of a swipe at the end.

Week 3, 2021 @ Dallas

There are few matchups in all of sports that match the intensity of Cowboys vs Eagles, and Hargrave certainly left his mark on this edition of the storied rivalry. Hargrave was credited with three pressures and two sacks in this game. One of the sacks that Hargrave was credited with came on this play that resulted in an Eagles fumble recovery for a touchdown in Dallas’ end zone.

This ferocious bull rush from Hargrave in the 2i collapses the pocket on Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott, forcing him to his left. As Prescott attempts to get rid of this ball, Hargrave is able to make contact with the football and dislodge it from Prescott’s grasp, resulting in a loose ball recovered by Fletcher Cox for a Philadelphia touchdown.

The second sack by Hargrave in this game shows off his motor and agility. Prescott is flushed from the pocket after a devastating long arm by Cox, and after lining up in the 2i, Hargrave is able to spin out of the double team he was engaged in to track down Prescott and bring him down behind the line of scrimmage.

Week 4, 2021 vs Kansas City

This next one saw Hargrave lined up at nose tackle as the zero technique. Hargrave is matched up with pro bowl center Creed Humphrey, and can beat him with a club move before barreling towards Patrick Mahomes for the sack.

Week 5, 2021 @ Carolina

The third consecutive week in a row that Hargrave recorded a sack, this time against his now teammate in San Francisco, Sam Darnold. This was one of the six pressures Hargrave recorded in this game. Hargrave is lined up as a 2i and is going to beat the left guard with a club move to the inside shoulder.

Week 12, 2021 @ New York Giants

This one was pretty straightforward. Hargrave is lined up as a 2i, and the Giants are going to have quarterback Daniel Jones on a designed roll-out to his left off a play fake. Hargrave is able to track Jones down from behind and bring him down for the sack.

Week 13, 2021 @ New York Jets

Another week at MetLife Stadium, another contribution to a sack for Hargrave. This one was chalked up as a split between Hargrave and Josh Sweat, resulting in a half sack for both. Hargrave is lined up as a 2i and after working a swipe to the outside shoulder of the left guard, is able to spin back towards the A gap and wrap up Zach Wilson as he attempts to escape the pocket.

Hargrave had eight pressures in this game, including a quarterback hit that led to an errant throw by Wilson that was picked off.

Wildcard round 2021, @ Tampa Bay

Hargrave was a contributor to two sacks in this playoff game, recording a half sack on each. The first looked like perhaps there was some kind of miscommunication with the protection responsibilities by the Bucs offensive line, as the center and left guard both disengaged with Hargrave, clearing a path directly to Tom Brady in the pocket. Hargrave us lined up as a three technique here.

Once again, Hargrave is lined up as a three technique, (although it nearly looks like a 4i). This time, his overpowering bull rush collapses the pocket as he drives the left guard backwards, meeting Ryan Kerrigan in the backfield to bring down Brady.

Week 3, 2022 @ Washington

This is one of the more impressive reps that Hargrave has put on tape. Lined up as a three tech, Hargrave is going to obliterate the left guard with what looks like a club move that landed under the inside shoulder as a result of the guard punching high. This one had it all, the burst, the precision, the power.

Week 8, 2022 vs Pittsburgh

Hargrave got the better of the Eagle's instate rivals in this one, recording six pressures to go along with a pair of sacks. The first one had Hargrave lined up as a three technique, and he uses a long arm on the inside shoulder to keep the left guard at bay as he splits the B gap with a tremendous display of strength and explosion to register the sack.

The second one has Hargrave lined up as a 2i, and he uses a rip move to clear the outside shoulder of the left guard. Hargrave is able to poke the ball free as he brings down Steelers quarterback Kenny Pickett, resulting in a fumble recovery by the Eagles defense on a strip sack he was credited for.

Week 9 2022, @ Houston

This game might have been Hargrave’s magnum opus. Hargrave obliterated the Houston offensive line in this game to the tune of six pressure and three sacks, and did so while lining up all over the defensive line.

The first sack came with Hargrave lined up as a one technique, and he is able to win with his exceptional burst to the inside shoulder of the center in the A gap before chasing down Texans quarterback Davis Mills as he escapes the pocket.

This next one is a great example of how the way Hargrave is able to blend his precision and power to win on the interior. Hargrave is lined up as a three technique and absolutely demolishes the left guard while never allowing said guard to land their right hand on him while the two are engaged.

The third and final sack from this game is a thing of beauty. It encapsulates the technician that Hargrave is, and is a fantastic example of why he was so coveted in free agency and why the 49ers are ecstatic to have him.

Hargrave is lined up as a one technique, and is going to land what looks like a club move on the left shoulder of the center, who doesn’t even have a split second to register what just happened before Hargrave is already in the backfield celebrating the completion of his hat trick of sacks.

Week 10, 2022 Vs Washington

Hargrave is lined up as a one technique and is able to get to the inside shoulder of the center, clearing enough room to get close enough to trip up Commanders quarterback Taylor Heinicke for a sack.

Week 13, 2022 vs Tennessee

One of four pressures Hargrave recorded in this game. On this rep, Hargrave is lined up in the three technique and beats the left guard with a straight bull rush to sack Titans quarterback Ryan Tannehill.

Week 15, 2022 @ Chicago

Hargrave had two pressures in this meeting with the Bears, but both resulted in a sack. The first had Hargrave lined up as a three technique, and he is going to beat the left guard with a forklift move to sack Bears quarterback Justin Fields.

The second sack highlights the lateral agility that Hargrave possesses. The Eagles call a stunt here that's going to have Hargrave loop around the left side from his initial spot as a 2i. Hargrave explodes into the open space and brings Fields down for a loss.

Week 17, 2022 vs New Orleans

Hargrave is lined up between the left tackle and left guard, but it appears to be more of a 4i tech rather than a three technique. This one was pretty straightforward, Hargrave drives the guard back with a bull rush and is able to disengage and bring down Saints quarterback Andy Dalton as he attempts to escape the pocket.

NFC Championship, 2022 vs San Francisco

The last and final of these 19.5 sacks came against the team that Hargrave will now be suiting up for. Hargrave is lined up a 2i over the inside shoulder of 49ers guard Aaron Banks. Hargrave is going to attack the outside shoulder with a swipe before finishing off with a rip move.

Here is a quick summary of the sack totals during that span based on pre snap alignment:

2i tech - 8.5 sacks

3 tech - 7 sacks

1 tech - 3 sacks

0 tech - 1 sack

Other - 1 sack