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Golden Nuggets: 178~ days until Javon Hargrave plays football

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Friday, March 17, 2023

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Barrows: Five thoughts on Javon Hargrave and the 49ers’ revamped defensive line (paywall)

“Back in 2016, he was the only defensive lineman over the 300-pound mark who ran his 40-yard dash under five seconds, 4.93 seconds to be exact. His 1.7-second 10-yard split, which measures burst, also was excellent for his weight class. In fact, the only other 300-pounder with a 1.7-second split that year was the Chiefs’ Chris Jones....It’s JUH-von Kinlaw but JAY-von Hargrave.”

Matt Maiocco breaks down possibility 49ers made call about Lamar Jackson

“I see Lamar Jackson as a quarterback who has injury concerns. His style of play, he’s not a big guy, he does not run a lot. The last few years he’s broken down a little bit. To me that would be a really difficult one...I think the reason the 49ers were able to go get a guy like Javon Hargrave, the reason they’re going to be able to make Nick Bosa maybe the highest paid non-quarterback in the league, the reason they are able to afford guys like Trent Williams and Christian McCaffrey and Fred Warner and Charvarius Ward and all those guys, big priced guys on the same team, is because they are not paying the quarterback position. They got two guys on rookie deals, they bring in Sam Darnold to be the third guy, I just don’t see it. I just don’t see them having the wherewithal financially to do it.”

San Francisco 49ers are ‘a perfect situation’ for Javon Hargrave

“My agent telling me that they really interested in me. I couldn’t believe it myself,” Hargrave said to the media on a Zoom conference call Thursday. “Sometimes when you try to go get the money, you have to go to a team that’s in a rebuild mode. But when you got a chance to join a team that was just in the NFC championship, that was kind of an easy choice for me.

49ers re-sign 2 defensive players to 1-year deals

“The San Francisco 49ers today announced that the team has re-signed LB Demetrius Flannigan-Fowles and DT T.Y. McGill to a one-year deal.”

Sam Darnold on role with 49ers: “As long as we’re winning games, that’s the only thing that matters”

“As I continue to get to know Trey and Brock, and talking to people around the building about those guys, it seems to me that all they care about is winning as well. And obviously, as a competitor, you want to play, but at the end of the day, you got to do what’s right for the team.”

Isaiah Oliver discusses strengths, looking to help 49ers in any way

““I feel like my strengths are just being able to get around the ball, be a strong tackler, be able to make plays on the ball in that way,” Oliver shared. “I feel like that’s something that I’ve excelled at over the past couple of years, for sure, and still getting better at, in that way. So that’s kind of what I’m looking forward to help bring to the team.”