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Golden Nuggets: Let’s see some defensive linemen move

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Thursday, March 2nd, 2023

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Q&A with 49ers’ Adam Peters: Where is the draft deep? Why did Talanoa Hufanga slip? (paywall)

“Tight ends are very deep and there’s a lot of different types of tight ends. So you’ve got your pass catchers, you’ve got your blockers, you’ve got your guys who are well-rounded. And it’s a deep class. There’s just something for everybody there. So, tight end is universally seen as a deep class this year. And then defensive tackle, defensive end — pretty much the whole D-line is a good group.”

Branch: 49ers’ Trey Lance needs to play to develop, but when will he get on the field? (paywall)

“Lance could have a preseason and a few regular-season games to quiet the talk that the 49ers made a massive mistake by trading up to draft him. It’s chatter that intensified during Lance’s second season, one in which he couldn’t avoid pain but, he says, ignored criticism.”

49ers earn high marks in player-issued grades, except in this one area

“The 49ers ranked No. 7 overall among all NFL clubs, earning positive marks in most areas. The one glaring negative mark is the team’s training room conditions...“The responses for the team were positive in all but one section: the training room, a crucial area for players to rehab and recover,” stated the report. “The tubs and rehab pool are viewed as small and there are a lack of tables and space in the training room itself.”

5 sleeper draft prospects 49ers must watch closely at NFL Combine

“So, looking at some of these prospects, let’s look at five sleeper players the Niners should keep a keen eye on when the NFL Scouting Combine begins.”

Matt Barrows discusses which 49ers QB is likely to start Week 1

“In my mind, he might not be back for any training camp,” Barrows continued. “It seems like we’re talking about early September, and that’s the best-case scenario. In which case it’s very hard to see Brock Purdy being the starter, being ready to kind of start for this team that early. I’m not saying he doesn’t do that at all this season, but in my mind it’s looking more and more like Trey Lance is the starter. Not only throughout the spring and summer, but probably going into that Week 1 game as well.”

49ers insider: Why you should expect Trey Lance to start Week 1

“[The new timeline] points to two things: (1.) Trey Lance running the first-team offense and starting in Week 1 like he did last season, and (2.) the 49ers adding a veteran quarterback in free agency,” Matt Barrows recently wrote in a feature for The Athletic.”

Bosa once doubted NFL career after grueling ACL injury

“Rookie year I got pretty much everything thrown at me and you’re on the highest of highs and you just get shot down at the end,” Bosa explained. “And then COVID, can’t do anything all offseason, it’s kind of depressing, weird. You roll into camp, you’re going against Trent [Williams], you’re feeling the best you’ve felt and then boom, one play. Questioning your career, questioning football in general.”