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Golden Nuggets: 23 Mondays left until game week

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Monday, March 27th, 2023

2023 NFL Three-Round Mock Draft: Will Levis falls and a surprise team trades up for him; Bucs nab Round 2 QB

“99 49ers Dalton Wagner OT Arkansas

Kyu Blu Kelly CB Stanford

Nick Broeker OG Ole Miss”

Former 49ers who may struggle to find a new team in 2023

“Tartt didn’t sign on elsewhere after Philly jettisoned him. Considering the recent influx of a number of good young safeties, paired with the fact that a full year away from the league that’s not injury-related can be disastrous for a player’s value, and it might not be surprising to see Tartt remain a player seeking out a new venue for a second consecutive offseason.”

49ers’ sneakiest 2023 NFL free agency signing

“Without a doubt, the acquisition of Hargrave is a significant move for the 49ers. It almost single-handedly transforms a previously uncertain position group into a strength. Interestingly, enough, it also kinda weakens his former team.”

Have the 49ers Done Enough in Free Agency?

“The 49ers did not do too much in free agency, which is always a sign of a team that is in great shape. Anytime a team is adding all of these illustrious free agents, it usually means they are in the dumps. The 49ers are a team who were a healthy starting caliber quarterback away from potentially making it to the Super Bowl. I will admit it has been an underwhelming free agency period, but that is what it is supposed to be for a true Super Bowl contending team.”