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Why John Lynch’s remarks about the 49ers QB situation aren’t final

Look at what the date is.

NFL Combine Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

John Lynch spoke about the QB position at the combine in Indianapolis without a clear timeline for Brock Purdy’s recovery. His comments that day pointed to Purdy, if and when healthy, being first in line for QB1 snaps.

Purdy’s timeline has been set and led to Lynch’s comments at the NFL owners’ meetings on Monday about the QB position.

Matt Maiocco of NBC Sports asked Lynch who is in the driver’s seat for the QB1 position, and Lynch responded with: “I think Brock has probably earned that right to be the guy. If we were to line up, he’d probably take that first snap.”

Nothing about that response should be shocking. Who can blame Lynch for that answer? The 49ers won every game that Purdy started and finished, and scored point totals that haven’t been seen in a long time.

Here’s the thing. It’s March 27th. The comments reflect the mindset of things going well and without any setbacks.

The line that sticks out is: “If we were to line up, he’d probably take that first snap.”

Well, there is no game this week or next, and Purdy has hurdles to clear before we come to a state of finality on this topic.

There is the matter of Purdy’s recovery and strength returning. There is also the matter of Purdy returning to the level of play shown last season. Both tasks aren’t a formality.

What about Trey Lance? Lance was mentioned in this clip, but he will have the leg up with reps during mini-camp and training camp, presumably.

Lynch’s comments have been deciphered, as Lance has been completely discarded and dismissed.

While it seems Lance has an uphill battle, it hardly means the book is closed on the young man.

What if Lance starts to break into that potential the front office identified when they moved heaven and earth to draft him with the number three overall pick?

In the realm of possibilities, there is a possibility of a perfect-world scenario with Purdy’s recovery. Regardless of who is named the starter, the ultimate statement will be by quality of play and winning football games.

Nobody can argue that Purdy has shown a great deal in his short time as the 49ers QB. Purdy’s performance last season is the reason for Lynch’s comments on Monday.

But, what if, decisions on who will be the starter aren’t based on statements made in March?

Lance taking a step and playing great football can make the decision to turn back to Purdy difficult. There may be nothing Lance can do to win back the job. In my opinion, Lance taking a step toward his potential is the best-case scenario for the 49ers.

Some fans have either taken a victory lap, closed the book on Lance, or completely freaked out in reaction to Lynch’s comments.

There’s nothing about what Lynch said that wasn’t expected, and it is March 27th.

There is plenty of time for things to happen and take shape. Monday’s comments are “peak generic GM/coach speak.”

Many things are said in March that are proven untrue or don’t “age well.”

Time will tell if this was prophetic or statements made at the moment.

Purdy deserves this vote of confidence, but it’s foolish to think this discussion is closed based on comments made on March 27th.