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Golden Nuggets: What did you make of John Lynch’s comments?

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Tuesday, March 28th, 2023

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John Lynch assesses 49ers quarterback hierarchy, possibility of Trey Lance trade

“Sam said it. He was craving our structure, our stability, the opportunity to play for Brian Griese, the opportunity to play for Kyle,” Lynch said. “I mean I think these guys here, when you’re a quarterback with the Niners, the head coach is in a lot of those quarterback meetings day in and day out. And so that was that was really appealing to Sam and his play, his ability was really appealing to us.”

Brock Purdy and beyond: Five 49ers takeaways from John Lynch at owners’ meetings (paywall)

“Our hope is he’s ready to go for training camp,” Lynch said. “We’ll be aggressive with what we do but also be really smart. We’re insulated with other guys that we also have a lot of belief in. If Brock’s not ready, we’ll hold down the fort until he is.”

5 things to know about new 49ers OL Matt Pryor

“Pryor had an interesting job while at TCU, one that certainly fit a person of his imposing size. Pryor took a job as a bouncer at a tavern near the TCU campus as a sophomore and wound up working there for the remainder of his college career....Because I was the biggest guy there, (the manager) always put me in VIP,” Pryor told NBC Sports Philadelphia in 2018. ‘It was the most stressful area. Because you have to watch the dance floor, make sure they don’t push into the VIP section, you have to let VIP people in and out and then I gotta keep the stairway clear.”

Pryor said he had to remove around 20 people from the tavern over the course of three years. He discovered that just about anyone is capable of getting testy with a future NFL offensive lineman if they have alcohol in their system.

“People get real confident when they get drinks,” Pryor told NBC Sports Philadelphia.”

49ers intend on picking up Aiyuk’s fifth-year option

“He’s a guy we’re very fortunate to have, and I think he’s just coming into his own,” Lynch said. “I think he’s only going to get better. So we’re excited about seeing Brandon move forward with us.”

NFL draft: 49ers hold 2nd meeting with CB Darrell Luter Jr.

“His size and physicality stand out, and while he’s not an exceptional athlete, his 32 3/8-inch arms allow him to contest a lot of throws. It’s easy to see where his physical tools fit in an NFL secondary.”

49ers sign former Eagles, Colts tackle

“Given that Colton McKivitz — having signed a two-year extension following Mike McGlinchey’s departure to Denver — is in line to start for the 49ers this season, Pryor is the sort of low-cost upside swing that makes sense in a year San Francisco is going cheap at the right tackle spot.”