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Golden Nuggets: March QB drama!

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Wednesday, March 29th, 2023

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Kawakami: 49ers’ real thoughts about their QBs, Farhan Zaidi’s Giants continuity and more quick thoughts (paywall)

“They’re both quality depth now. Valuable QB indemnity. If Lance struggles again in camp, it’ll be harshly graded. If Lance succeeds in a way that he didn’t last year, that’ll be a great sign for his NFL future. But he has to show it....Maybe Lance will beat out Darnold clearly. Maybe it’s close going into Week 1 and Shanahan has to flip a coin to pick a starter, if Purdy isn’t ready. None of this is bad. Competition is always good. But it’s also unpredictable.”

Seven 49ers takeaways from the heavily QB-focused NFL owners’ meetings (paywall)

“My optimism is very high,” he said. “I feel fairly confident. I don’t know for sure that we’re getting Super Bowl LX, but I feel that we’re going to get a Super Bowl in the near future. It feels that Super Bowl 50 wasn’t long ago.”

Kyle Shanahan updates Brock Purdy timeline, could be longer than initially expected

“In three months he could be ready for camp, if not, possibly say it’s going to go a little slower, could be Week 1, at the latest Week 4. But that’s just all estimations and we’ll see what happens.”

Rapoport: Sam Darnold will ‘more likely than not’ be 49ers’ Week 1 starting QB

““We do not know what Trey Lance is going to be if he continues the trajectory that he’s been on,” Ian Rapoport said Tuesday on NFL Network. “And I think, certainly, it seems Sam Darnold will more likely than not be the starter going into the season, but there is an opportunity for someone to step in there and start [the] first couple of games of the regular season for the 49ers.”

Brock Purdy is the future of the 49ers. Where does that leave Trey Lance? (paywall)

“The better we get as a league about not treating one bad decision as some sort of irredeemable mistake, the better our league will be,” Demoff said. “We have a new wave of general managers who are willing to be more aggressive. If we penalize them for their aggressiveness when a decision doesn’t work out, our league will suffer as a whole.”

Deebo eyeing 49ers jersey number change entering 2023

“If Samuel made the switch — which doesn’t appear likely because he’d have to purchase the remaining stock of his No. 19 jersey per NFL policy — he would be the seventh 49ers player to wear No. 1 in franchise history.”

NFL tables discussion of third-quarterback rule until May

“The topic was discussed at the NFL Annual Meeting this week, said Rich McKay, the chair of the league’s Competition Committee. The proposal was tabled until the next meeting in May.”