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Golden Nuggets: Let’s see some DBs run today

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Friday, March 3rd, 2023

NFL mock draft: 49ers hit key needs with all 3 picks

“Robinson is one of the prospects the 49ers held a formal meeting with at the combine. He’s a versatile player capable of filling a Jimmie Ward-type role where he can line up at safety, but has the coverage skills to slide down into the slot and cover there. If the 49ers wind up needing to replace Ward, Robinson might be a player worth trading up for if they believe in his skill set. He intercepted seven passes and broke up 16 while racking up a whopping 318 tackles in 47 games in two years at South Carolina and two years at Florida State.”

Matt Barrows discusses how 49ers could approach backup QB situation in free agency

“The Matt Ryan, Andy Dalton, Sam Darnold — Marcus Mariota is now available. He would seem to be a really good fit if Trey Lance is your starter going into the regular season. He’s a guy that can run an offense very similar to the way that Trey runs it.”

49ers, Cardinals on opposite end of spectrum in NFLPA survey over player working conditions

“The San Francisco 49ers are ranked 7th among all NFL clubs in our team guide. The responses for the team were positive in all but one section: the training room, a crucial area for players to rehab and recover. The tubs and rehab pool are viewed as small and there are a lack of tables and space in the training room itself.”

Branch: There’s much more to the 49ers’ offseason than what they will do at quarterback (paywall)

“Jackson recently returned to Santa Clara to begin working out, about six weeks before the 49ers start their offseason program.”

How Shanahan, 49ers helped Ryans prepare for Texans HC job

““I am very thankful for Kyle teaching me that you can’t miss steps,” Ryans said. “You have to go through every step if you want to be a great coach. Going through that QC phase, linebacker coach, hitting every step, that was the most important thing I could have done to allow me to be in the position I am right now.”