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Golden Nuggets: The Darnold

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Friday, March 31st, 2023

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In signing with the 49ers, Sam Darnold went the Trubisky route

“Ultimately, I think Mitch would be the first to say it’s what he needed at the time,” Beane said. “We gave him a chance of no pressure, come in and just let me reset, let me hear a different voice. And you know, [Brian] Daboll and Ken Dorsey just were very positive with him and just kind of restarted him. Josh knew his story a little bit. They got to know each other. I think when Mitch left after that one year, I think he felt like a new guy, kind of reenergized.”

49ers mailbag: Is the team looking to trade Trey Lance and what could they get? (paywall)

“My sense is that after seeing Purdy and Lance get injured — a lot — in their brief careers, the 49ers need numbers more than anything else this season. That’s why I don’t think anyone gets moved in 2023. But the overall point is that nothing has been determined, no conclusions have been reached and all scenarios are in play....This might be the main reason the 49ers drafted him — they think he’s made of the right stuff. I’ve heard that Lance has been throwing regularly this month. He ought to be full-go for the offseason program.”

Ian Rapoport breaks down why he thinks Sam Darnold will be 49ers Week 1 starter

“And I think, certainly, it seems Sam Darnold will more likely than not be the starter going into the season. But there is an opportunity for someone to step in there and start the first couple of games of the regular season for the 49ers.”

To 49ers, what Sam Darnold did in Carolina portends future success (paywall)

“The presumed bust didn’t throw an interception in his first 105 attempts, tossed seven touchdowns and three picks and posted a passer rating (92.6) that easily surpassed his figure from his first four seasons (76.9).”