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The Raiders are expected to pursue Garoppolo; the Saints are also interested

It sounds like Garoppolo is the backup plan for a team who has their initial plan fall through

New Orleans Saints v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images

It’s no surprise that the Las Vegas Raiders are expected to pursue 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo. According to ESPN, head coach Josh McDaniels is looking to bring in a former Patriots quarterback this offseason:

Graziano: The Las Vegas Raiders remain a team to watch in the Aaron Rodgers sweepstakes, whenever those kick off. Coach Josh McDaniels has long been an admirer of his, and Rodgers would be the best possible addition at quarterback if the Raiders and McDaniels are trying to win in the 2023 season.

If they can’t get him, a lot of people in Indianapolis this week expect McDaniels and GM Dave Ziegler to pursue free agent quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, whom they know from his time in New England early in his career. There’s also some chatter that McDaniels might try to acquire Mac Jones from the Patriots, though it seems unlikely New England would consider moving the 2021 first-rounder.

Garoppolo for $30+ million or Mac Jones, presumably a second round pick, and a couple more years on a rookie contract? That’s what it seems like Jimmy would be up against in addition to this year’s quarterback class.

The Raiders aren’t the only team interested in Garoppolo’s services. ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler said the New Orleans Saints are motivated to sign Derek Carr, but have their eyes on Jimmy if that falls through:

New Orleans believes it has made a compelling case to Carr, with solid pass-catching targets, a good defense and the chance to play in a dome at least 10 games per season. Carr is prioritizing the right fit, and once he commits to that, a potential contract will be hashed out. Garoppolo could be a viable backup plan for the Saints if things don’t work out.

Garoppolo is another backup option for a team who has their sights set on somebody else. In this scenario, Jimmy would remain in the NFC.

Expect to hear about more teams that have Garoppolo on their radar if they miss out on Rodgers or Carr, or are out of range to draft a top quarterback. Garoppolo would serve as a potential stop-gap for a season.