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Reviewing’s latest mock draft: A....guard for the 49ers?

There seems to be a consensus right tackle landing with the 49ers

NFL Combine Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

Another day, another mock draft to review. Chad Reuter, a draft analyst for, published his second mock draft last Friday. Although this is the first four-round mock we’ve reviewed, the 49ers don’t have a selection in the fourth round, so this will review picks 99, 101, and 102 in the third round.

Let’s get into Reuter’s selections:

Pick 99 - Blake Freeland, OT, BYU

The question around Freeland isn’t his athletic profile or fit with the 49ers’ run game, the question is: Will he be around at pick 99? Reuter seems to believe so, and if Freeland is available, the 49ers should run to the podium.

While comparisons to Mike McGlinchey are due to Freeland’s size and skill set, at pick 99, the investment is worth it with the hope that the pass-blocking aspect of Freeland’s game develops.

Pick 101 - Sidy Sow, G, Eastern Michigan

This pick left me scratching my head. Taking Freeland at 99 is a perfect fit. However, Sow at pick 101, doesn’t seem realistic. Sow does have a ton of experience at Eastern Michigan, but the guard position is solidified by Aaron Banks and Spencer Burford, for now.

Struggling with run blocking is one thing, but Sow needs development as a pass-blocker as well. Development isn’t out of the question, but the 49ers will need patience with their selection at pick 101.

Selecting Sow at pick 101 would be a reach, and the 49ers must be sure they can develop him.

Pick 102 - KJ Henry, EDGE, Clemson

Selecting KJ Henry at pick 102 has the feel of an EDGE player the 49ers typically covet. Henry was a five-star recruit with great length. Breaking downplays is one of Henry’s strengths, but will need to develop over time to become a three-down EDGE.

At first, Henry will be seen as a rotational EDGE, but Kris Kocurek will put his length to good use. Henry’s prowess in run defense is evident on tape, and it will be up to Kocurek to develop his pass-rushing skill set.

Picks 99 and 102 feel like prototypical 49ers players and the measurables they covet.