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YouTubeTV announces pricing for 2023 NFL Sunday Ticket

The price is up compared to where it was at last year with DirecTV

NFL: JAN 29 Super Bowl LIII Experience Photo by Rich Graessle/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

YouTube agreed to pay significantly more for NFL Sunday Ticket than what DirecTV had been paying. We finally found out how much it’ll cost as YouTube announced the pricing on Tuesday.

Here’s how much it will cost for Sunday Ticket this upcoming season:

It’s no accident we’re getting this news two weeks before the NFL Draft and roughly a month before the NFL releases its schedule. Optimism is at an all-time high for every fan base at this time of year, so, the NFL will lean into fans potentially purchasing Sunday Ticket earlier than they usually would have, which explains the early bird discount.

Ticket will cost $60 more per year on YouTube than it did DirecTV, and that includes the pre-sale discount. If you remove the discount, it’s $160 more.

Then, there’s the whole lag factor. It’s on us to provide instant updates and more often than not, a play-by-play analysis.

When you’re at the game, there’s a clear delay from what you see on the field compared to what’s being shown on TV. In most cases, they are a play ahead live. Here’s a look at how YouTube TV fared from a lag perspective last year:

That could be annoying if there’s an increase in the lag time.

It’s also worth noting that Sunday Ticket only includes out-of-market games during the early and late slots on Sunday. There are no prime time games as those rights are owned by Amazon, Comcast, and Disney. There is no preseason coverage, either.

Will you be purchasing Sunday Ticket this year? Or will you be purchasing a VPN or do what most people do in today’s streaming world: