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Adam Peters: Future Texans general manager?

There was a rumor circulating that one of the 49ers head honchos could be on his way out

Washington Commanders v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images

Let me start out by saying it’s a Friday morning in April, so something nonsensical was always going to find its way in front of us. Sure enough, there was a rumor floated out by none other than Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio that found a connection to the 49ers.

The first part of the rumor includes Nick Caserio, who is the general manager of the Houston Texans. Florio cited a John McClain article referencing murmurs at the league meetings saying that Caserio would leave Houston after the draft to return to the Patriots. McClain wasn’t all in on the alleged rumor, but he’s not the only one hearing something similar. Michael Lombardi also said there will be organizational changes in Houston after the draft.

Enter, the Niners. And who better to pour gasoline on the fire than The San Francisco Chronicle’s Mike Silver, who tweeted, “to further flesh out the rumor: The talk is that 49ers assistant general manager Adam Peters would be targeted to replace Caserio.

There’s the obvious connection to the Texans for Peters, as DeMeco Ryans is the head coach.

Peters has stated numerous times that he’s happy in the Bay Area and that it’s his home. But life is fluid and when certain opportunities present themselves, it’s difficult to say no.

Now, we have to consider the sources here. It’s true that McClain walked back what he said, but he doesn’t have the greatest track record for being correct on these matters in recent history.

My initial reaction to seeing this was, “Houston isn’t going to draft a quarterback and will trade for Trey Lance.” As off the wall as it sounds, it would make plenty of sense.

While that may seem like it’s off the wall — assuming the 49ers receive confirmation that Brock Purdy will return sooner than later — Houston gets a quarterback without having to use one of its first round picks, has seen Trey practice and play, and still has him under contract for a couple more seasons.

As for Peters, it could be as simple as wanting a fresh start. San Francisco could counter by offering Peters a promotion, but that hasn’t happened yet, despite being a topic of conversation for the past few offseasons.

Or, this could all be one giant rumor that never gets off the ground and Peters remains in San Francisco while Lance leads the Niners to the playoffs next season.