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Panic or Patience: Brock Purdy says he isn’t sure if he’ll play in 2023

Purdy was recently interviewed by Yahoo Sports and provided an update on his recovery timeline.

NFC Championship - San Francisco 49ers v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images

Brock Purdy was interviewed by Yahoo Sports and updated his timeline of recovering from his recent UCL surgery. Jori Epstein of Yahoo Sports covered everything from Purdy’s surgery to his excellent season in 2022. Purdy also discussed what exercises he is capable of doing and what he’s doing to gain mental reps and master Kyle Shanahan’s offense further.

Purdy discussed shedding his arm brace that he was seen wearing in a picture with a fan and how it’s a “big win” for him.

One excerpt has been discussed excessively:

Purdy is no longer wearing that brace. That remains an early step in recovery, Purdy saying Friday he’s “not really sure, honestly” whether he’ll play in 2023 as he takes it “one day at a time.” In recent days, progress has come in the form of increased mobility.“ Just to be able to get out of the brace, move around more frequently and stuff like that — I know it sounds small, but that’s a big win,” Purdy said over Zoom, speaking on behalf of Buffalo Wild Wings. “That’s how I look at it: Finding little things like that to be positive about and understand you have what it takes to get back to being yourself on the field.”

Reading Purdy’s quote about his uncertainty about playing in 2023 could be tough to read for some fans. I think Purdy is just speaking matter-of-factly.

Recovering from an injury has a range of outcomes. Setbacks can happen, muscles and bones sometimes do not cooperate immediately, and strength can take longer to return.

Of course, Purdy could miss the season, but I don’t think his comments are anything more than stating one of the outcomes because nothing is certain.

As of now, there haven’t been any setbacks or reasons to worry. Purdy is attending the first phase of off-season programs.

So, don’t sweat or panic, 49ers fans. Everything is still on schedule.