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Who was your favorite 49ers draft pick at the time, but his pro career never panned out?

Hello, 2014 draft class.

Tennessee Titans v San Francisco 49ers

Oh, hindsight. Nobody every wants to admit that they were wrong about a prospect. It’s always sunshine and rainbows. Take the topic of the day, Trey Lance. There were plenty of 49ers fans that were skeptical of the trade at the time.

Then, there were plenty that were bullish on the idea that Kyle Shanahan could squeeze every ounce of talent out of the former No. 3 overall pick. Three years later, and we’re in the same situation.

Lance is far from a bust, as he hasn’t started double-digit games yet. But we’ve seen the 49ers draft highly touted players coming out of college, only for them to disappoint at the professional level.

I remember being convinced after watching Southern Mississippi’s defense in 2018 that Tarvarius Moore would turn out to be a gem in the NFL. And to be fair to Moore and other players that might be listed in the comments, injuries, position changes, and other circumstances may get in the way of a player fully reaching his potential.

Marcus Lattimore may be the greatest example. Everyone, and I mean everyone, back in the day was convinced that Lattimore was the next Adrian Peterson. Lattimore didn’t get drafted until the fourth round due to injuries, which led him to never logging a carry in the NFL.

There are a pair of members from the 2014 Niners draft class who, I thought, would be stars. I thought Marcus Martin would dominate athletically at center. And All Aaron Lynch did in college was win and log sacks. There was nothing that would convince me otherwise that Lynch was bound to be a star.

Lynch ended up playing 81 career games, so I wouldn’t call him a bust. But Martin wasn’t as fortunate.

Who is your answer? It doesn’t have to be from the previous decade. Feel free to go back even further. If you were a Mike Rumph truther, tell us. If you owned a Jim Druckenmiller jersey at one point in your life, thinking that he was the next in line of great 49er QBs, show your face.