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Golden Nuggets: John Lynch speaks

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Tuesday, April 25th, 2023

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Everything 49ers GM John Lynch said at his pre-draft press conference

“San Francisco 49ers general manager John Lynch spoke with reporters as the team prepares for the 2023 NFL Draft. Here is everything he had to say.”

49ers 2023 mock draft: Loading up on linemen early, grabbing a QB late (paywall)

“When we did this exercise a year ago, David and I had three of the same players. This year, we didn’t double up at all, although we largely focused on the same positions, we both took a quarterback late in the draft and we both took two offensive tackles.”

49ers Notebook: Frank Gore gets involved in draft meetings; Players praise Steve Wilks; What makes the 49ers good at revitalizing defensive linemen?

“Frank Gore sat in a lot of meetings, didn’t say much, but sat back and took a lot of mental notes,” Lynch said. “And that’s been cool to share the process with him.”

Trade Brandon Aiyuk? John Lynch says WR is ‘big part’ of 49ers’ 2023 plans (paywall)

“Lynch, meanwhile, characterized talk of trading Lance as “a lot of smoke” and said the calls he’s fielded weren’t initiated by the 49ers. He said that if the 49ers are having real trade discussions about a player he’ll sit down and have a discussion with that player. He said he’s had a conversation with Lance, but only because of his high-profile position and the type of media traction the Lance trade talk has received.”

Hutchinson: 49ers Draft Preview: 5 tight ends for San Francisco to target

“Below are five players that could be available for San Francisco and would make sense in their offense. As a general rule, it makes sense to bet on athleticism. Almost everyone here has athletic upside:”