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What’s your excitement level for the draft?

Are you still able to buy in despite the 49ers not selecting until pick No. 99?

2022 NFL Draft - Rounds 2-3 Photo by Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images

It’s undeniable that the 49ers know how to keep us entertained. The general manager held his pre-draft conference Monday, and there are still fans clinging to some of John Lynch’s words.

The NFL Draft starts in about 30 hours, but San Francisco doesn’t have a pick on the first day for the second year in a row. Two years ago, we dissected the top quarterbacks in the draft ad nauseam after the team traded up to pick No. 3.

It’ll be impossible to match that anticipation again. Last year, the 49ers didn’t have a selection until No. 61 overall. This year, the Niners are picking a full round later at No. 99.

On the one hand, Friday evening will be entertaining as picks 99, 101, and 102 all belong to the 49ers. There’s a chance the team packages multiple picks to move up for a coveted prospect on their big board.

On the other hand, it’s tough to get excited when you have to scroll for a minute on a mock draft to see who the 49ers selected. Of course, the excitement meter peaks if a certain quarterback gets traded.

Lynch said he expects Trey Lance to be on the roster for the duration of the 2023 regular season. The 49ers own 11 picks this weekend, but they don’t have the roster or salary cap space to sign them all.

With that in mind, on a scale of the fourth quarter of a preseason game to winning the Super Bowl, what’s your excitement level for the draft?