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Watch all of the network coverage of each 49ers draft pick

Miss the draft? Choose one network over the other? We got you covered

Much like chocolate or vanilla, Sega or Nintendo, or Picard or Kirk, there’s always that debate on where to watch the NFL Draft. If you go to ESPN, you get to hear Mel Kiper yap about a pick. Go to, and you can get Rich Eisen and a different set of analysis. Or you can work for a sports blog and be too busy to hear any of it.

Don’t worry, we got you covered. The 49ers have a faithful on YouTube by the name of Marvin49 who takes all the network coverage of the NFL Draft and compiles it into a single video, so you can hear what all the analysts say about your newest 49ers. The video is below. So, you can see both the NFL Network and ESPN coverage of the draft to your heart’s content.

Note: The DMCA biscuits could be out in full force and require you to go to YouTube to see this, so you can head to the video directly by going here.

  • Round 3, Pick 87: Penn State Safety Ji’Ayir Brown
  • Round 3, Pick 99: Michigan Kicker Jake Moody
  • Round 3, Pick 101: Alabama Tight End Cameron Latu
  • Round 5, Pick 155: South Alabama Cornerback Darrell Luter Jr
  • Round 5, Pick 173: Georgia Edge Robert Beal, Jr.
  • Round 6, Pick 216: TCU LB Dee Winters
  • Round 7, Pick 247: Oklahoma Tight End Braden Willis
  • Round 7, Pick 253: Michigan Wide Receiver Ronnie Bell
  • Round 7, Pick 255: Purdue Linebacker Jalen Graham