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3 franchise records that will stand forever

It’ll be tough to top George Seifert’s record

St Louis Rams v San Francisco 49ers

The 49ers are a storied franchise with a rich history of Hall of Fame players and coaches. Looking back, the team has a few franchise records that won’t be broken. I promise to only use Jerry Rice one time in this article, by the way.

Let’s look at three franchise records that will stand forever:

George Seifert, with the best winning percentage and a record of 98-30.

Listen, I get it. Seifert took over a team coached by Bill Walsh with a loaded roster. Regardless, the context of how this particular franchise record doesn’t matter. The fact is, Seifert never won less than ten games in any season and won 13-plus games in four seasons.

Seifert would finish with two Super Bowl victories, but the most impressive fact about this record is losing 30 regular season games in eight seasons. That’s a 3.75 loss average per season. While there is a chance Seifert’s win total will be surpassed, given the parity and salary cap in the NFL, his winning percentage won’t be touched.

Jerry Rice scored 22 receiving touchdowns in a strike-shortened season.

The 1987 season was a 12-game season. Jerry Rice, in 12 games, scored 22 receiving touchdowns. Oh, by the way, Rice added a rushing touchdown.

This franchise record is self-explanatory. Randy Moss broke the single-season record in 16 games. The fact that Rice held the record for 12 games makes this the most remarkable achievement in NFL history, in my opinion.

This 49ers’ record will never fall.

Frank Gore’s 11,073 rushing yards in his nine seasons as a 49er.

In this day and age, running backs aren’t sticking around for nine seasons or sustaining this level of production. Gore’s franchise record is nearly 2,400 yards more than Joe Perry’s second-place total, with Perry playing in ten more games.

Gore also leads the franchise with 74.8 rushing yards per game. His durability and dependability is the reason for this franchise record. You just don’t see that anymore.