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What 2023 49ers game scares you?

There’s always the trap game or the game that can really punch you in the gut. Let’s overanalze this

Now that we have the schedule out for the San Francisco 49ers, we all are commenting about how they will finish and what game is a win and which one (if any) is a loss. I’m pretty sure most of you have gone full homer and penciled them going undefeated. I’m going to be the voice of reason for a minute.

What game do you find scary?

This could be a trap game and there are plenty of those. This could also just be the game you think something will happen that changes the course of the season. Here’s an example: I was not a fan of the 2013 49ers (has that been 10 years?)going up against the New Orleans Saints. I felt we had their number for so long and it was at a point in the season a loss would mean more than just a loss. Turns out I was right. This happened, and that ridiculous roughing that followed call not only handed the 49ers a loss, it also gifted the Seattle Seahawks homefield advantage in the playoffs. We know how that turned out. Basically that one penalty is what decided the 2013 season in my opinion.

Looking to 2023, I have the 49ers penciled in going 13-4 and having a shot at the No. 1 seed. Typically 1-seeds have done this with less losses, but I think this year, 13 wins puts them in the conversation. The four games I have as losses? Week 8 against the Cincinnati Bengals, Week 13 against the Philadelphia Eagles, Week 16 against the Baltimore Ravens and Week 17 against the Washington Commanders.

That Commanders game is what worries me. Getting the best playoff seed in 2023 will have them even with a handful of other teams and I feel like this is the loss deep in the season that could decide who gets the coveted bye week. Plus, the 49ers are not more consistent in any other area in football then making sure they drop a game a year to a team that has no business winning. The Commanders are that game. I am sure Kyle agrees with me.

The Eagles were my other scary game. While the Commanders are the obvious trap game, the Eagles being sandwiched between the two Seahawks games is not an ideal stretch. It certainly isn’t The Gauntlet, but it’s not something to look forward to, especially with the 49ers doing Round 1 against the Seahawks on a short week for the TNF game. All the 49ers need is to get beat up in a divisional game then take on the Eagles, get more beat up, and then go back to a divisional opponent. Yippie

What game on the schedule scares you? Even if you went full homer and have them going undefeated, do you have that game you are worried they won’t bulldoze the opponent?