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Kickertown Update: Check out Jake Moody booting his first kicks in a 49ers uniform

If you think we’re going to let go of this one you have another thing coming

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Last week, I discussed how my beloved Punterville received a suburb known as Kickertown. This week, we get to see some serious brick laying as San Francisco 49ers kicker Jake Moody boots a ball over the net:

Check out that leg. Check out that power. Check out Jake Moody.

Now yes, we have a loooooong ways to go before we can see these thunderous kicks be the end of some poor football team in September, but so far, Moody looks the part. It will be interesting to see what camp observers can give us as far as accuracy goes.

You thought that was it? Just a video of Moody booting a ball? No, for those of you here, I have an added bonus: Moody’s story of how he did a chaotic workout with the 49ers. You may have read a recent article by Matt Barrows over at The Athletic where 49ers assistant general manager Adam Peters broke down the 49ers draft class. When it came time to talk about Jake Moody, Peters talked about some botched snaps, laces in, some real Ray Finkle stuff. None of this dysfunction was worse than his last kick in the workout, which was made to simulate a last-second, game winning field goal, complete with running out to the field and booting away. Moody’s account of the workout goes into detail more on what the hell happened:

Coach Schneider really wanted me to have an operation and we couldn’t find a snapper that could work for a private workout. So we had to use the next best resort which was one of our [Michigan’s] tight ends, which was one of emergency long snappers at Michigan. He’s a great guy, love him to death, but he’s terrible at snapping. He rolled half the snaps back and doing the best he could to get the ball up and down for me. The last one they said “It’s a game winner, you gotta make this one no matter what.” Sure enough, the snap bounced, I think, twice before it got to the holder and thankfully he got it up at the last second. Didn’t kick his hand off and I made it.

So the truth is Moody didn’t have an adequate snapper or a decent hold and he still booted things well enough for the 49ers to burn a 3rd rounder on him. That says something. Kickers aren’t going to get the perfect holds in games and the fact he can continue to do that in less than desirable conditions only helps his stock.

Anytime we find something on the kicker, you know it’s coming up here. This is officially a big Jake Moody house.