The San Francisco 49ers Top 5 Draft Picks

The San Francisco 49ers are among the teams that benefited most from the 2023 NFL draft. The team added 9 more players to their rankings with the just concluded draft. These players fill up the squad giving it the depth it needs to compete in the NFL.

Let's take a look at the top 5 picks for the 49ers in the 2023 NFL draft.

S Ji'Ayir Brown

The San Francisco 49ers went for Ji'Ayir Brown as their first pick of the 2023 draft. The safety from Penn State has impressive stats with 10 career interceptions. The player boasts 234 career interception return yards and is the runner-up in the Penn State record. Adding Brown to the 49ers roster aims to increase the team's depth and versatility.

K Jake Moody

Moody is a kicker who has featured for the University of Michigan in all 14 games in the 2022 season. He recorded an impressive conversion rate of 29 field goals and 10 conversions from more than 40 yards. The San Francisco 49ers now have a Lou Groza awards finalist in their rankings and will use his technique to propel them further up in the league.

TE Cameron Latu

Cameron Latu from the University of Alabama made the cut as the third pick for the San Francisco 49ers. The Tight End totalled 30 receptions for 377 yards and 4 touchdowns in the previous season. His illustrious college career averaged 14.1 yards per reception, scoring 12 touchdowns. Cameron Latu is seen as a positive addition to the 49ers roster. Moreover, he is expected to fill the tight-end position and improve his stats in the future.

History is repeating itself with the selection of Cameron Latu from the University of Alabama, following in the footsteps of Spencer Burford, who was picked in last season's draft from the University of Texas. Since joining the 49ers, Burford has done an impressive job as a guard and has become one of the top NFL players from Texas who is a favorite among many fans. If you are in Texas, you can learn more here on how you can legally bet for him as well as other players and all your favorite teams. Additionally, you will also get to wager on the top-rated online sportsbook in Texas and enjoy the best bonuses, odds, and numerous betting options that are legally available in the Lone Star State.

Darrell Luter Jr.

Darrel led the Jaguars with 4 interceptions and 21 tackles in 10 starts during the 2021 season. These impressive stats alone put him on the map and earned him a spot as the 4th overall pick for the San Francisco 49ers. Playing as a cornerback, he recorded 42 tackles in his senior career which led him to be selected as the SBC defensive player of the year.

Robert Beal Jr.

The 49ers were looking for a defensive lineman and found their man in Robert Beal Jr. The 5th draft pick for the 49ers from the University of Georgia played all 15 games as a bulldog and started all 8 games of the 2022 season. Robert brings a championship mentality into the locker room, having previously defeated LSU for the championship. His 26 stops and 20 quarterback pressures in his senior career make him an exceptional asset for the San Francisco 49ers.


As we have seen, John Lynch has made crucial moves to strengthen the team's depth in the 2023 NFL draft. With this influx of fresh talent, the team is definitely destined for a great season. However, we must wait for the new recruits to adapt to the team and start firing on all cylinders before we see their full potential. The San Francisco 49ers has positioned itself to be the team to look up to in the NFL, but only if the draft picks improve their different playing positions.

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