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Golden Nuggets: What are your hopes for the defense next year?

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Thursday, May 18th, 2023

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Inside Steve Wilks’ crash course on the 49ers’ defense and the history behind it (paywall)

“Said Kyle Shanahan about his instructions to Wilks: “That’s what I was trying to sell to Steve: I’ve been recording every single meeting for the last six and a half years. I don’t care what it is, you can go watch it. And you’re going to move out here, your family is not going to come out here right away. I really believe if you study this and get it down, you’re going to really like it. And then, because of how good of a coach you are and how much experience you have, make it better. Don’t just get it down, make it better.”..Wilks is in the midst of that process now. His family is gradually making the move out to the West Coast and he’s used the three months since his hiring to immerse himself in the 49ers’ process.”

49ers’ Ahmad heard Brown praise at kids’ jiu-jitsu practice

“He’s a Jersey guy; I’m a Jersey guy,” Ahmad said. “I was taking my kids to jiu-jitsu practice one night, and a state trooper sitting next to me was talking about how his friend coached Ji’Ayir in high school and loved him. He raved about him the whole time.”

Breer: 49ers offseason a ‘golden opportunity’ for Trey Lance, Sam Darnold

“At best, Purdy will miss a good chunk of the summer and be hustling to get back for the opener. At worst, one of the two presumed backups will start the season. Either way, the chance is there for either Darnold or Lance to put some level of doubt in the Niners’ heads on who to go with at quarterback, and also create some buzz that could generate outside interest in 2024.”

49ers’ Trey Lance, Bills’ Josh Allen to throw at TEU

“With over 80 tight ends attending last year, there is a quarterback need for the on-field sessions this year. One of those players will be third-year quarterback Trey Lance. Josh Allen of the Buffalo Bills will join him.”