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Levi’s Stadium appears set to host the 2026 Super Bowl

Jed York will get his wish

Arizona Cardinals v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

There hasn’t been any official word yet, and this comes a month after 49ers CEO Jed York said, “I feel very confident well get a Super Bowl in the near future” at the NFL’s annual owner’s meetings.

But a report surfaced saying that NFL owners are expected to award the 2026 Super Bowl to Levi’s Stadium at next week’s meeting, per Sports Business Journal’s Ben Fischer. That meeting takes place from May 22-24, so it wouldn’t surprise to hear the announcement during that timeframe.

The first half of 2026 will be jam packed at Levi’s Stadium. After the Super Bowl, arguably America’s biggest sporting event, the stadium serve as one of the host stadiums for the World Cup, the world’s biggest sporting event.

York said as much in Phoenix last month: “It’d be great to get that game after bringing the World Cup (bid) to Levi’s Stadium. Those are two of the largest sporting events in the world, and having them back-to-back would be fantastic.”

The city of Santa Clara has three seasons to figure out how they’re going to handle the Super Bowl. Enhancements to Levi’s Stadium are inevitable. I’m more curious as to how those who have never stepped foot in Santa Clara intend to spend their stay.