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NFL announces Levi’s Stadium to officially host Super Bowl LX; what advice would you give to out-of-towners?

It can be a recommendation or to steer clear from a specific area. Your choice

San Francisco 49ers against Green Bay Packers Ray Chavez/Bay Area News Group

The NFL announced Monday afternoon that Levi’s Stadium would host Super Bowl LX in February 2026. This decision happened during the NFL ownership meetings in Minneapolis, along with a couple of other changes, including Thursday night flexing.

The 49ers are already scheduled for a pair of Thursday night games for the upcoming 2023 season. Under what was recently passed, you can only flex Weeks 13-17. So, since the 49ers are scheduled to play a Thursday night game in Week 3 and Week 12, any flexing for the Niners season will be limited to Sunday nights toward the end of the season.

But as for February 8, 2026, the 49ers hope to be playing. For those who reside in the Bay Area, if you could offer one piece of advice to those traveling to the Bay Area for the Super Bowl, what would it be?

For Super Bowl L, opening night was held in San Jose, while the teams stayed in San Jose and Santa Clara. But they had to practice at the University of Stanford and San Jose State University.

As a fan or someone visiting, there aren’t many, if any, recommendations in the city of Santa Clara. Of course, you could visit the coast, or head to Napa or the nearest wine country, but those seem cliché and available for anybody at any time.

So, with that in mind, what is your advice? It can be something they should do, steer clear of, you name it.