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Golden Nuggets: Let the QB games begin

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Wednesday, May 24th, 2023

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Everything Kyle Shanahan, Brock Purdy, Trey Lance, and Sam Darnold said at 49ers OTAs

“San Francisco 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan and quarterbacks Brock Purdy, Trey Lance, and Sam Darnold spoke with reporters after Tuesday’s practice, the second of organized team activities (OTAs). Here is everything they had to say.”

Hutchinson: Examining 49ers murky quarterback picture as OTAs begin

“I really feel like I am having fun playing football again,” Lance said.

For the first time since he played at North Dakota State, the 23-year-old former No. 3 overall pick said he’s enjoying his craft again.

That’s a statement that puts into perspective the situations Lance has dealt with. He lost his last season of football in a COVID-derailed year that led to him throwing too often in order to prepare for his first NFL season.”

Inside Brock Purdy’s elbow surgery and his road to recovery

“If everything progresses as expected, the throwing progression starts 10 to 12 weeks into recovery. It begins with throwing a half-weighted football and builds to throwing a prescribed number of balls at fixed effort and distance. The final portion of the rehab is mimicking a game week by throwing roughly the same number of passes an NFL quarterback would during the regular season.”

49ers OTAs: Trey Lance leads first team, Brock Purdy close to major milestone (paywall)

“While Oliver was prolific, the best defensive play was turned in by rookie cornerback Darrell Luter Jr. The fifth-round pick seemed to be a step behind Gray when Darnold uncorked a deep pass down the sideline. But he caught up to the play and knocked the ball away, prompting his defensive teammates to come running off the sideline to congratulate him.”

Branch: Despite his odd lot, 49ers quarterback Trey Lance maintains optimism (paywall)

“I really feel like I’m having fun playing football again,” Lance said. “It’s hard those first years, my first year and especially last year, I thought I’d be able to get close to that point of not having to be so stressed and worried and have a better understanding of offense and defense. And I finally feel like I’m able to just have fun and enjoy it again....Obviously, there are ups and downs. And there is stress and anxiety that comes with playing the position and playing football. But this is the best I’ve felt, for sure.”

The Good and Not So Good from Week 1 of 49ers OTAs

“Drake Jackson: Looks like a completely different person than he did last year as a rookie. Back then, he looked like a flabby college player who might wear a t-shirt in the swimming pool. Now, he looks like a five-year veteran with a grown-man’s body. That’s great news for the 49ers, because they need Jackson to take a huge leap and start opposite Nick Bosa, So far, so good.”