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Golden Nuggets: Day 3 of OTAs commences

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Thursday, May 25th, 2023

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Hutchinson: Don’t let offseason rumblings fool you, Trey Lance’s talent is still there

“These next few months will be about deciphering how much of those not-so-subtle rumblings will bear true in regards to Darnold. Might they be a subtle method of imploring Lance to come out firing?”

Trey Lance is focused on competing for 49ers’ QB job, grateful to be healthy again (paywall)

“A quarterback’s release is rooted in his base of footwork, which Shanahan continues to stress is critical in Lance’s mechanical development. The coach said he’s seen progress in Lance’s base through two OTA practices....“It means playing with your feet wider apart, always be in a position to throw,” Shanahan said. “When you’re a quarterback, your feet aren’t together. When you turn into a runner, your feet are together and you look to run, but then it takes you a second and a half to throw — and defenders can tee off. It’s about always having to be in a certain position to throw in, so when the O-line is bad, you’re not one of those guys who’s just going to get sacked every time the O-line is bad. You know how to get rid of the ball or you know how to turn into a runner and go. And that has to do with how you balance your feet out, how far you keep them apart and how you can progress in a pocket.”

Kawakami: It’s Brock Purdy QB1 and then everybody else — the 49ers’ situation looks confusing, but it’s not (paywall)

“Team officials raved about the way Lance worked with Purdy at the end of last season, when Lance was limping around on his bad ankle but still eager to help on the sidelines and in meeting rooms. Lance is healthy now, and if anything, is emanating even more positivity about the 49ers’ QB situation and Purdy’s accomplishments last season....It’s not a terrible situation for the 49ers, who ran out of QBs in the playoffs last season and who have had entire seasons crumble after Garoppolo injuries when they didn’t have a good backup lined up. It’s actually a very good situation — Purdy, Lance, Darnold and Allen, in that order, about as clear as you can get these days.”

Mike Silver breaks down 49ers quarterback hierarchy

“I would just say this. If you answer questions about possibly trading a guy as, “Well, we listen to anything,” then a story comes out that says, hey, they might trade them before the draft and you push back zero on that, and you say they’re going to split reps, it lends me to believe that there’s maybe a little bit of a vibe towards Darnold in their mind all things being equal,” Silver said. “But split reps are split reps and we’ll see.”