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Golden Nuggets: Iron sharpens iron, quarterback edition

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Friday, May 26th, 2023

49ers insider offers analysis from glimpse of Trey Lance and Sam Darnold

“The big thing that everybody was scrutinizing was Trey Lance and Trey Lance’s throwing motion,” Barrows shared on 95.7 The Game’s The Morning Roast. “And to me, and I don’t want to come off as someone who thinks that he’s an expert on this, but it did appear as if it was more fluid. I thought the ball was coming out of his hand faster...He wasn’t overly aggressive with his throws, downfield throws. There was a lot of checkdown stuff. But even those types of throws—certainly in the Chicago game (last season), and I realized that was sort of uncommon circumstances—but a lot of times, the easier the throw, the more difficult it looked....And so he was hitting that short stuff, short passes to the tight ends and the running backs, really well. So I would say that very early, very [much] just a glimpse of the Tray Lance of the 2023 offseason, but it was a good start.”

Nick Wagoner breaks down likelihood Brock Purdy is available for Week 1

“And I think the biggest thing that people need to understand here is that what is being placed in the arms was to kind of pull that ligament back together to put things in place is basically made of collagen,” Wagoner said. “It’s a collagen tape, but it’s very strong and the way [Dr. Jeff Dugas] explained it to me is that it’s almost like Kevlar and it eventually dissolves. So when the ligament actually heals, that thing goes away and basically you’re just kind of back to normal as opposed to putting a graft in like you do with Tommy John surgery.”

49ers’ Dre Greenlaw recovering from finger procedure, hopes to be a more involved blitzer under Steve Wilks

“Yeah, nothing major,” Greenlaw said Thursday on KNBR’s Papa & Lund show. “Just a little clean up in the thumb. [It] was giving me some problems, just whenever I was punching at the ball or whenever I had to use my hands on O-linemen. [My] finger was just really jammed up, so I just had to get it cleaned up and fixed.”

Is 49ers QB Trey Lance getting better? And is it because of his new teacher? One expert shares his thoughts

“Carta-Samuels talks a lot about the direction a quarterback is leaning when he throws, explaining, “It has to do with body weight. So like, if I’m leaning to the right, to my throwing side, while I’m throwing the ball, I’m increasing the weight that I have on my back foot, and the throw is a turn, not a push. So as I’m leaning right and turning through that back’ll feel that foot chew the ground up a little bit. And that, in and of itself, is ground force...That’s taking power from the ground, whereas Trey has been so high forever, and you can see it in everything he does, so he’s so light that there’s nothing happening in the ground. And he’s starting to get a little bit of that. That’s what’s starting to change. But before, 150% arm-based thrower all the time. And then, he admitted it in his interview the other day when he was like, ‘I was throwing, throwing, throwing, throwing’ because he was trying to get a better feel for it, not understanding that you have to work smarter, bud, not harder.”