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That one time Bert Kreischer made a $10,000 bet to Christian McCaffrey

This sounds more like an episode of Jackass, but it’s still awesome.

We all have interesting stories about our favorite athletes and some of the weirdness they have to encounter, this one involves Christian McCaffrey and...comedian Bert Kreischer? For those of you who don’t know, Kreischer is a stand up comic, who will be starring in the upcoming film The Machine. Obviously promoting the flick, Kreischer recalled on Rich Eisen a story where he challenged San Francisco 49ers running back Christian McCaffrey to a $10,000 bet.

The challenge? Tackle him. No, really.

But this isn’t like an open field. This is at an after party at one of Kreischer’s shows where the challenge was issued. Kreischer “cornered” Christian McCaffrey. and made the bet, which never was agreed upon:

“I cornered Christian McCaffrey. And I was drunk and I said, “Hey, you think I can catch you?”

“He goes, “What?”

“I said, “In this room $10,000 if I can catch you.”

“He goes, “What are you talking about?”

“I said, “In this room. What 20’ x 30’, 30’ x 30’? Give me 20 minutes. Do you think I’d ever catch you and hold you down?”

“He’s like, “Hey man, there are dudes that are 10 times more athletic and have trained all year and can’t catch me. I don’t think you can catch me.”

“I go, “Do you wanna try?”

“What kind of party is this turning into?””

It sounds ridiculous, but it turns out it actually happened. McCaffrey confirmed the conversation and challenge a week later on the same show, saying, “That’s a true story.” He went into further detail after getting pressed:

“He asked, for $10,000, and this I don’t know 20’ x 25’ square foot room? If he gave me three hours could he tackle me or take him down? To paint the picture, he’s in a full sweat, about nine to 10 beers deep and he’s has his shirt off of course and is asking me this question. For a moment I was like “You know what, maybe with the confidence level you’re at right now you might be able to do that.”I think he’d take 10 steps and be out of breath, there’s no shot he’d even make it to three hours. Take a nap from hour and a half to hour number two.

“I told him, “Bert, there’s guys that train all year and get paid a lot of money that try to do that and they still can’t do it, so I don’t know if you got a chance, man.””

I don’t care if Kreischer couldn’t tackle McCaffrey, I would pay to see the attempt. I still think this is a good Jackass segment if they were still doing the show, just put them in a ballroom and have McCaffrey run four times. Sometimes juking and having Kreischer dive onto his face, other times just bulldozing through him. Maybe have tables as props?

Forget the $10k bet, just make it to charity and call it a day. Jackass has had Butterbean beat up Johnny Knoxville in a department store, I don’t see why they can’t organize a ballroom two-man game of tackle tag between these two.