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Golden Nuggets: Back at it with OTAs

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Tuesday, May 30th, 2023

Christian McCaffrey calls Kyle Shanahan’s 49ers scheme the “most sustainable” in the NFL

“I think one of the best things as a player is when you know that your coach has confidence,” McCaffrey recently said on the Rich Eisen Show. “And I think when you sit in those meetings, and you really understand the scheme, not just your job, but you start to find out that there’s a purpose behind every play.

“And when you know that purpose, and you’re able to understand what the scheme is trying to do and how it’s supposed to set up other things, it makes it so much fun playing football because you know what Kyle’s thinking.”

Armstead, Saleh stay connected through unique board game bond

“I can’t lie on TV. Saleh definitely be getting the best of me,” Armstead said on NFL Network’s “Good Morning Football” last week. “But we played a lot more when I first started playing. And since he got the head coach gig, we’ve played a couple times...“Very analytical,” Armstead said while describing his chess play. “Willing to learn, definitely. You have to have an approach and set your pieces up the right way. If you don’t get off to a good start and set a good foundation, a smart approach, then you’re just setting yourself up for failure. So that definitely applies to life, too.”