My 2024 Mock Draft (Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Busts)

Hello all you NN weirdos that creep over here to the Fanpost section... Cheers!

First off, let's get the usual crap out of the way. No new gopher mounds since that last one I caught a few weeks ago.

Second, nope... this ain't about Jake Moody. Glad we got him. 'Nuff said on that front.

So... what to talk about? Well, there's a whole wide world out there to talk about! At least I think so... I really want to talk about Moody, but I'm gonna show restraint.

A lot of people complain about self-checkouts at grocery stores, things like "I'm not paid to work here!" ... and yeah, I guess I can see that perspective. Which is why I'm glad they stay standing in lines and I can take my couple of items and scan a few of them and get the Hell out of there fast. Sometimes I even accidentally don't scan one, but I have to make sure nobody's watching. haha

I'm currently listening to "On the Sea" by Beach House on repeat... a song I wonder if any would share my affinity for, as it's not really a typical football fan's type of song, I would guess. haha... But it's good. Check it out sometime when you're bored. OR DON'T. Take it easy already!

Recycling is a total scam, btw... we all know that. Both of the bins I put out to the main road are taken to the same place, I just know it! One of these days I'm gonna put all the trash in the recycle bin and the cardboard in the trash bin and see if I don't get a knock on my door by people in suits wearing dark sunglasses. If I stop posting on NN, you'll know it didn't go well.

Started mowing the property last weekend... some parts can be done with the riding mower, but many others require the old-fashioned push mower. The GF loves getting to drive the riding mower on the easy parts, and she's super cute doing it. Flying around and acting like she's Dale Earnhardt (she's a big NASCAR fan)... meanwhile I'm using the push mower in the really rocky and difficult areas trying to keep an eye over there that she hasn't tipped the damn thing over and is being chopped to bits.

This might be a good time to add that I "fixed" the riding mower so that the blades keep going even if you get out of the seat. On uneven terrain like this where there are rocks, pine cones, and branches to constantly remove... Screw safety. SANITY FIRST. She knows the deal, but I still worry just enough. haha

Brock Purdy. Dayum... Can y'all seriously believe how snake-bit we were last season, only to have a Phoenix-like resurrection with 2 "back-up QBs" and then the fluke injury in the NFCCG??? Unreal. If only we'd had Moody then. Dammit, sorry... I said I wouldn't go there.

Bob Ross really doesn't get the credit he deserves. Just sayin'. I have a book propped on my computer desk about him, and it's awesome. Can't remember who gave it to me, perhaps I don't need to. They were probably a jerk as I think about it now, which is very un-Bob Ross like. *shrug*

Still listening to that Beach House song. What is one to do, besides end this dopey Fanpost?! haha


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