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Golden Nuggets: Third overall picks gunning for that QB1 spot this offseason

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Friday, May 5th, 2023

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Matt Maiocco says Sam Darnold ‘might be most talented thrower of football 49ers have ever had’

“He might be — can I say this — the most talented thrower of the football that the 49ers have ever had,” Maiocco said much to the shock of Murph & Mac. “Let’s just put him in the very high echelon of guys who can just drop back in the pocket and throw the football. I think that he hasn’t really had any chance to succeed since his college days are over. I think he’s had four head coaches in five years, five offensive coordinators in five years. He’s a talented guy...Frank Gore popped his head in at the 49ers local pro day, and was like ‘You will be shocked at what you see from Sam Darnold,’” Maiocco said. “Frank Gore is a Sam Darnold guy. They spent one year together with the Jets, and he just felt like he didn’t have any chance to succeed.”

49ers mailbag: Will they add a big-name pass-rusher? Are Seahawks closing in? (paywall)

“General manager John Lynch said the 49ers’ newly created cap space will be used to sign their rookie draft class. But the 49ers won’t drain it all. They should have enough remaining cash to make a possibly persuasive sales pitch to Yannick Ngakoue, Frank Clark, Leonard Floyd, Jadeveon Clowney or Justin Houston: Take our slightly discounted contract and make a run at a ring!..The 49ers might want to assess their defensive-end situation in spring practices before determining if there’s a need. And the unemployed pass rushers probably aren’t eager to sign until closer to training camp to avoid participating in OTAs.”

‘Move the f**k up then’: Nick Bosa’s NSFW message to ex-Raiders GM Mike Mayock before 2019 NFL Draft

“Thw whole Cle thing, Cle was my guy. The coaching staff really wanted a defensive lineman, we were picking number four that year, in 2019. I knew the first three picks were going to be Kyler Murray one, Bosa two to San Francisco, and Quinnen Williams three to the New York Jets. And then four, Chris, I’m telling you, the morning of the first round, I called John Lynch and tried to move up to two,” said Mayock...He then added, “Bosa was great, and he told me a variation of what he told (Steve) Keim. He was leaving our building after the top-30 visit and I said, ‘Nick we’re picking four, you’re not going to be there.’ He said, ‘Well then you need to move the f**k up don’t you?’..Mayock then went on to say, “I loved him. He was a little bit chirpy, a little bit cocky. But in a good way. We did, we tried to move up to two but didn’t get him. We tried to move up to three to get Quinnen Williams and didn’t get him. I tried to trade down.”

John Lynch provides Brock Purdy update on KNBR

“I just got a report from the trainers,” Lynch said. “So week 12, that’s where he can actually go out, start lobbing a football. And according to the surgeon, you start getting a little better read on exactly where he’s at right about then.”

49ers’ NFL draft class: Scot McCloughan dishes on Ji’Ayir Brown, Cameron Latu, more (paywall)

“In coverage, if you’re a step late, you’re done,” he said. “In run (defense), you can be two steps late and still be OK. But (Brown) has no makeup speed and no long closing speed. And that’s what will hold him back.”

Lynch: Social media didn’t persuade 49ers to sign UDFA Winstead

“He committed to some other teams for rookie minicamps,” Lynch said of Winstead. “We liked him enough that a rookie minicamp invite, how do you (top) that, well, you say, ‘Hey, we’ll go ahead and sign you to our 90.’ So we did.”

49ers will have QB issue heading into rookie minicamp

“The only players allowed to take part in rookie minicamp are drafted rookies, undrafted rookies, players participating on a tryout basis, and veterans on futures contracts who haven’t accrued an NFL season. None of the 49ers’ four QBs fit that bill.”