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Golden Nuggets: Over one week later, how do you feel about the 2023 draft class?

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Sunday, May 7th, 2023

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College coach names trait that makes 49ers’ Brown ‘special’

“[In] the Rose Bowl, [Brown] missed one signal — he didn’t peel on the blitz — so I think something might be wrong with him,” Poindexter told The Athletic’s David Lombardi. “And the next play he gets a pick. And I’m like ‘OK.’ He made a play to end the drive and basically seal the game...He’s just special that way. He doesn’t bust a lot of coverages, but he’s got an uncanny way of getting picks.”

Projecting roles for 49ers 2023 draft picks

“Brown will enter camp as the backup free safety, but in an ideal world he’d surpass veteran Tashaun Gipson atop the depth chart. Gipson was good for San Francisco last year. Brown offers more athleticism and versatility though and adding that to the back end of the secondary would help an already good 49ers defense.”

Cohn: Where the 49ers Have Improved the Most this Offseason

“Hargrave will not help the 49ers run defense, because he’s a pass rusher. He can be a bit of a liability against the run. Which means the 49ers weakened their run defense, which got exposed by their No. 1 rival, just so they could marginally improve their pass rush.”