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Trey Lance has better odds of winning MVP than Brock Purdy

Let’s poke that bear

If you are wanting to put any money on this San Francisco 49ers quarterback drama, DraftKings Sportsbook has 49ers quarterback Trey Lance getting better odds of NFL MVP over the other 49ers quarterback, Brock Purdy.

Lance is favored at +3500 while Purdy is at +7500. If you’re curious, Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes is winning the race at +650.

Ohhhh boy.

I’m definitely in the camp that oddsmakers may know more about their respective sports than the coaches on the field, but that’s another topic. Right now Lance has better odds than Purdy? Sure, John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan hinted Purdy was the starter, so why is Lance getting those odds?

Well, a few reasons. For one, Purdy is still rehabbing and hasn’t recovered yet. We won’t know if he’s ready to go until the day he marches onto the field, so that is a big question mark and one without an answer of Week 1 or Week 16. For another, all things considered, Trey Lance has a potentially higher ceiling. One of which that hasn’t been seen yet—which was why the 49ers drafted him in the first place. All that said, these odds are just about where things stand at this very moment.

And at this very moment, the odds are set that Purdy may have some obstacles to overcome getting onto the field before the start of the 2023 season and Trey Lance doesn’t get injured in two weeks.

I imagine things change by the time training camp rolls around and we have a better idea of when exactly Purdy sees the field. I’m sure there will be a video or two of Trey Lance throwing that can get overanalyzed and maybe change things also. These odds are looking at the current situation right now, and right now it’s assuming Lance may have an easier way of getting that accolade.

And that is always open to change.