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Golden Nuggets: You love to see that Brock is throwing again

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Thursday, June 1st, 2023

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John Lynch: 49ers ‘incredibly encouraged’ after Brock Purdy throwing session

“There are certain markers that you hit,” general manager John Lynch said Wednesday morning on SiriusXM NFL Radio. “He was 12 weeks out, and that meant it was time to throw. He did so and responded really well. He’s just had one session thus far, but we’re incredibly encouraged by that.”

Drake Jackson reveals offseason weight gain, plan of action after falling out of picture in 2022

“Since the day I got back, he was with me every single day in the weight room telling me, ‘Are you gonna stack a day or are you just gonna let this day stack on you?’ I like challenges and I think he knows that,” Jackson said. “So he just challenges me every day to come stack a day and I’ve been doing it.”... His gains have been substantial. Jackson said he’s set personal records, squatting 415 pounds, and, on Monday, joined the “three-plate club” by bench-pressing 315 pounds...The main difference, in his view, has been his commitment to staying around the facility.

By Jackson’s own admission, he said he left after practice without being overly concerned about the state of his body. at this juncture, he said he’s, “… starting to fall in love with just being here on countless hours.”

49ers OTAs: Spencer Burford, Colton McKivitz have firm grip on starting jobs (paywall)

“Not every OTA practice has been open to reporters and Aiyuk, who is locker neighbors with Brown, noted that the rookie has had “three or four” interceptions in the recent sessions, including a couple off of tipped passes.”

Branch: 49ers’ Drake Jackson talks stress and sacrifice before pivotal season (paywall)

“I don’t know if you can see it, but I get bald spots,” Jackson said, noting his occasional hair loss was stress-related. “I’m just constantly thinking about a lot of stuff.”

Brian Schneider details intense workout that sold 49ers on Jake Moody over 26 other kickers

“So the special teams coordinator headed up to Michigan and found just that. The “operation” part might suggest a bit more sophistication than was actually the case. Moody had his holder, but the two long snappers were backups for Michigan, and they looked like it.

They were, as Schneider put it, “not very good.”

Schneider recalled reveling in the mess — largely created by design — while Moody had to slog through the workout.

“Right off the bat, these balls are coming everywhere,” Schneider said. “And he was doing great. The times were good, everything’s good. And so as it got going, the snappers were rotating. The balls are just atrocious coming back and I loved it....

Schneider tasked him with getting as close to the goal line as possible, outside the numbers, with as much hang time as possible.

“The first one, he put a yard outside the numbers right on the goal line, 4.38 hang time, which is phenomenal,” Schneider said. “And then his second one was two yards outside the hash, right on the goal line, with 4.38 hang time.”

Cohn: The Good and Not So Good from Week 2 of 49ers OTAs

“Lost his composure midway through practice and started shouting at the guest of someone in the 49ers front office who was standing too close to the field, apparently. The guest yelled back at Shanahan — for a second it looked like they were going to fight. Then Shanahan resumed practice, John Lynch walked over to the guest and consoled him for a while. I’ve never seen an NFL head coach do that before. He lost his focus.”

Everything Chris Foerster and Brian Schneider said at 49ers OTAs

“Shoot, [assistant quarterbacks] Klay Kubiak created this tape for Kyle on Fridays that was outstanding and it was probably as good as it’s ever been. Understanding what we needed to get done, so it’s been really cool to watch the guys and how everybody’s worked together and grown in their roles.”

What to make of Jeff Darlington’s report on 49ers QB Trey Lance’s first-team reps

“Trey Lance is the guy during OTAs who’s been taking all the 1st-team reps; he’s healthy at this point.”