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Golden Nuggets: The supplemental draft is back!

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Saturday, June 17th, 2023

How the NFL Supplemental Draft works: What you need to know for 2023

“The supplemental draft order is different from the regular draft order. Teams are separated into three groups based on the previous season; the first group is non-playoff teams that had six or fewer wins. The second group is non-playoff teams with more than six wins. And the final group is playoff teams. The order in those groups is determined by a weighted lottery, with the teams with the fewest wins given the best chance to win the earliest picks. Bids for players are submitted blindly by teams with the round that team would want to select a given player. The team highest in the draft order who submits the earliest-round bid for a player will be awarded that player. When that happens, that club forfeits a pick in the same round of the next year’s regular draft.”

Where the 49ers D-line landed in PFF rankings

“The Niners adding Hargrave was enough to catapult them from last year’s No. 6 spot to No. 2 this year.”

Where the 49ers’ RB group landed in PFF rankings

“Gordon McGuinness of Pro Football Focus recently ranked all 32 running back units in the NFL, and the 49ers’ group took the top spot, ahead of the Atlanta Falcons and the Cleveland Browns.”

Arik Armstead: 49ers are going to go as far as our D-line can take us

“I think that’s going to be great,” Armstead said. “Guards and centers, especially having to prepare for two different body types and two different styles of play, is going to be tough to kind of switch down in and down out, kind of your mentality and your mindset of who you’re going against.”

By the numbers: How Brock Purdy improved 49ers offense

“It’s not that Purdy was winging it deep every chance he got. According to Pro Football Focus, 11.6 percent of his attempts were throws 20-plus yards downfield. That puts him in the middle of the pack league-wide. However, it’s a pretty substantial uptick from Garoppolo’s 9.1 percent which ranked 31st in the NFL.

The bigger and more important change though was the efficiency from the QBs on those throws. Purdy attempted just one fewer deep throw than Garoppolo, but completed three more of them. He also converted four of those tosses into touchdowns compared to just one for his predecessor.”