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Report: Nick Kray no longer Texans chief of staff

That was quick, get him a boombox!

That didn’t last long. Former San Francisco 49ers chief of staff Nick Kray left the team in the 2023 offseason to follow DeMeco Ryans to the Houston Texans for the same role. Only a few months have passed and it’s already ending.

Per KPRC 2’s Aaron Wilson, Kray is no longer working for the Texans. As far as a reason why, Wilson hasn’t elaborated so why he left could be anyone’s guess. Given how early in the job he was, one has to wonder if something came along he couldn’t pass up, but details probably should emerge for the curious soon enough.

Of course if he is looking for a job, he always has his old one. No, not the administrative and quality control stuff he did for Kyle Shanahan, something more important than that: the pump. Most fans know Nick Kray as DJ Kray, AKA: The Boombox Guy.

The 49ers come out of the tunnel with listening to likes of Super Gremlin and other tunes courtesy of a massive boombox. Well, Kray is the guy who holds said “box of boom”.

When Kray left the 49ers, the question was who the boombox guy was. While it may be a safe assumption that his role has been filled as far as administrative, the boombox guy role should be something he could slot back into if needed. And who holds that boombox has been a question almost as important as who the starting quarterback for the 49ers is going to be.