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Golden Nuggets: Who do you think is on the roster bubble?

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Wednesday, June 21st, 2023

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49ers’ 53-man forecast: The backup QB battle and what to do with Jack Colletto (paywall)

“The tight end spot hinges on how quickly draft picks Latu and Willis pick up both the offense and special teams. Any hiccups will open the door for reliable veterans Charlie Woerner and/or Ross Dwelley. Still, both players were behind Tyler Kroft on the depth chart in 2022 and the team didn’t bother to re-sign Kroft during the offseason. That suggests the 49ers are ready to make changes at the position.”

Juice surrenders ‘offensive weapon’ title to do-it-all CMC

“I think Christian is going to beat me in that category this year, he’s you know, the new, shiny toy,” Juszczyk joked. “This is Year 7 for me and Kyle [Shanahan]. So I’ll get my time, I’ll do what I do, but I think he’s going to have more fun with Christian....“I knew he was very good, but you don’t get a true appreciation for it until you see it in person and one of the cooler things in this offseason, being the first offseason I’ve spent with him, is just seeing how hard he practices in this phase right now,” Juszczyk added. “There’s a reason he’s as good as he is and he’s so refined in his craft is because he puts in the time, he puts in the work.”

State of the Roster: Do 49ers have enough depth at CB?

“It’s not unusual for this coaching staff and front office to lean on its own players before exploring outside options, and that’s exactly what they’re doing at CB this year in hopes it won’t have a pernicious effect.

There’s no doubt it can work, but it turns the potentially easy decision-making on an important unit into something of a hirsute process for Shanahan and his coaches. They have can for the most part pencil in their two outside starters and their nickel. After that, everything is up in the air.”

49ers request injury waiver for Mariano Sori-Marin

“It is unclear what Sori-Marin’s injury is.”