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6 Niners made CBS’s top 100 players list with 2 landing in the top 10

Dre Greenlaw could be viewed as a snub considering how well he played last season

Miami Dolphins v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Top 100 lists will be all the rage as we get closer to training camp and the start of the NFL season. The toughest part about compiling a list of the top 100 NFL players is someone will feel disrespected or left out.

The 49ers have a loaded roster with top-end talents at many positions. List makers will have their work cut out for them as they rank the 49ers’ high-end players in any top 100 list.

Pete Prisco of CBS took a crack at it, so let’s find out where he ranked the 49ers from lowest to highest:

Deebo Samuel, 57:

Even coming off a season that Samuel was unhappy with, Deebo is still the ultimate chess piece and a high-level impact player. Judging from Samuel’s most recent press conference, you can expect a focused player who wants to reiterate his talent.

Fred Warner, 37:

Fred is the best linebacker in the league. There isn’t much of an argument disproving that. However, Prisco ranked Jonathan Taylor at 36. Given the positional value and Taylor’s single incredible season, I disagree with that ranking.

George Kittle, 32:

There is no tight end in the NFL that is more well-rounded than Kittle. Coming off a career-high 11 touchdowns in 2022, this feels right. Kittle will look to improve on his 60-catch season, which may make it harder to list him in the thirties next season.

Christian McCaffrey, 27:

CMC was the literal engine of the 49ers’ offense in 2022. The production for the offense overall spiked once McCaffrey was added into the fold. The trade was a complete home run, and McCaffrey silenced critics that his best days were behind him.

Trent Williams, 10:

Trent Williams is the best left tackle on the planet, full stop. The discussion should be changed from the best current tackle and possibly the best ever.

Nick Bosa, 4:

The reigning defensive player of the year lands in the top five. After 18.5 sacks in 2022, what more needs to be said? Bosa is in line for a massive and historic extension that will keep him in a 49er uniform for a long, long time.

Honorable mentions:

Dre Greenlaw and Javon Hargrave were mentioned as honorable mentions. When it comes to ranking the top NFL players, it’s impossible to include everyone. The 49ers could have potentially 8-10 players on this list, depending on who you ask.