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Spoiler: The 49ers are going to lead the league in several positions

But which ones?

Here’s something everyone knew: The San Francisco 49ers roster is stacked for 2023. In many ways it might be the best roster in football. Now being a good roster and having the best at several positions could be two different things. They could be balanced on both sides of the ball, but not have anything elite. Except that’s not the case. The 49ers lead the league in not one but several positions and the positions they don’t is a coinflip on if they are better than another team in the NFL.

Former Minnesota Vikings GM Jeff Diamond wrote out the best team at every position and the 49ers dominated three of the 10 spots: running back, linebackers, and safeties. This isn’t just by starters but by the depth behind them as well, which, if you look at the running backs and linebackers, makes sense. Tied for second place were the Philadelphia Eagles with offensive line and defensive line/pass rush and the Kansas Chiefs with quarterback and tight end.

Here’s the Cliff’s Notes version:

I think Diamond got it pretty spot on where the 49ers are ranked. Then again, if I wanted to go full homer (which isn’t just allowed around here, it’s encouraged), I’d say the 49ers are also good on the D-line and tight end. For the Eagles, you could just remove that Eagle logo and put the logo of Georgia since that’s pretty much the line now.

Diamond even said he almost put the 49ers in the D-Line position (which would have had the 49ers the best of 4/10 positions) but depth made him reconsider it, and if you are looking at depth in these rankings then that makes total sense and he won’t get an argument from me.

It’s obvious the 49ers aren’t just a good roster but they are going to be lethal in several positions once the season gets going. Do you see any other positions where they are the best in the league?