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Golden Nuggets: The march through summer continues onward

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Monday, June 26th, 2023

4 dream scenarios the 49ers would love to have in 2023

“Now, heading into 2023, the same division is watching those Cardinals and Rams undergo rebuilds and retools, effectively leaving both San Francisco and the Seattle Seahawks as the lone two contenders for the NFC West crown.”

Predicting 49ers starting defense before training camp

“We went through and made a pre-training camp prediction for what the starting defense is going to look like, and unlike on the offensive side, there are some definite decisions the coaching staff will have to make with the starting group.”

49ers TE George Kittle ready for the challenge of Steelers EDGE T.J. Watt

“If it comes to blocking, I’ll toot my own horn,” Kittle said. That’s just stuff I practice my entire offseason. I take all the reps in-season. Like I’m very prideful when it comes to that stuff. When it’s like second down and they’re like, ‘Hey, it’s pass-15 weak, you’re one-on-one versus a Cam Jordan. You’re one-on-one versus T.J. Watt, go for it.’ I’m not like, ‘Yeah, like hey, he gets paid millions of dollars to rush the passer.’ But I look at it as an opportunity for me to be like, ‘You’re not going to be able to get past me,’ and I’m very excited about that.”