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What’s your favorite 49ers memorabilia that you own?

For some it’s a signed jersey, while others cherish their 28-year-old hat. The beauty of it all is that there are no wrong answers

1990 NFC Championship: New York Giants v San Francisco 49ers Photo by George Rose/Getty Images

Sports memorabilia is an important piece of fandom. They are collected to remind fans of their favorite players, moments, and teams. Something as simple as a picture of a treasured moment in a game, or an autograph of a beloved player, can be used to decorate fan caves and remind fans of great times.

With the San Francisco 49ers and their rich history, fans have their choice of moments, players, and teams. Some fans have been lucky enough to enjoy all five 49ers championships, while others have memories that don’t end with the team hoisting the Lombardi trophy.

As a 49er fan, born in the 80s, I spent time with my father, who introduced me to the team as he watched the 49ers win three Super Bowls before my fifth birthday.

Sure, there are pictures of me in oversized 49ers jerseys and apparel, but I don’t have any recollection of those championships. As a historian of the team and the NFL, I learned about those years and Super Bowl wins, but unfortunately, while I’m proud to root for a franchise that is so rich in history, I’m not personally tied to them.

Sports memorabilia, at times, is collected to display the history of your favorite franchise. My favorite moment is seeing Steve Young, who I watched play more than Joe Montana, finally, get the “monkey off his back.” My favorite player of all time is Jerry Rice.

While winning four championships previously is impressive, they don’t resonate with me personally because I wasn’t able to experience them.

Players move on, players retire, and it becomes time to root for other players. Enter Terrell Owens. I have an affinity for wide receivers. They are always my favorite players on the field, and I enjoy watching route running and the nuances of route running.

TO quickly became my new favorite 49er. While I still rooted for Rice in Oakland (I’m not from the bay, so I don’t care about disliking the Raiders and never have), it was Owens who captivated my attention.

From the antics after touchdowns to his overall high-level play, Owens was my guy. It pained me to watch the breakup between Owens and the 49ers.

Fast-forward to the 2019 season and the rain-soaked game in Washington. The Saturday before the game, the 49ers hosted one of their invasion parties for 49ers fans who travel to games. Naturally, I had to attend. Upon entry, you were allowed to take three items from a table. One was a poster with the 49ers’ schedule, a towel for the 2019 season, and a set of pom poms from Owens’ 49ers Hall of Fame induction. For those that have forgotten, Owens famously grabbed pom poms from a 49ers cheerleader following a touchdown to celebrate.

My eyes darted right to the pom poms. Of course, I wanted to get my hands on them and make sure they were set aside in the best condition possible.

Over the years, I’ve gained some more 49ers memorabilia. My father got me a ring case with all five replica 49ers rings, and a 49ers football, and I was able to snag a Joe Staley bobblehead from training camp last season, among other things.

But my most treasured piece of memorabilia will always be the Terrell Owens pom poms.

That’s the thing about memorabilia, it’s specific to the collector and what he or she, holds close to their heart. I choose the one thing that reminds me of my favorite player after Rice, the pom poms.

What’s your favorite piece of 49ers memorabilia, and why is it so special to you? Let us know in the comments.