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Golden Nuggets: Most talented roster in the NFL.. in more ways than one

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Wednesday, June 28th, 2023

Look: 49ers RB Christian McCaffrey performs on stage at Zach Bryan concert

“The running back recently joined Zach Bryan on stage to sing with the country star and even play the piano.”

FROM THE VAULT: Hang Time: Christian McCaffrey does it all

“My childhood neighbor played piano, and he told me we’d get all the girls if I learned how to play-and I was probably in eighth grade, going into high school, so I said, “Sign me up.” There was a talent show with a cash bonus, so we learned a little song together [Pachelbel’s “Canon in D”] and ended up winning it, took home one of those big checks, like in Happy Gilmore.”

Bill Barnwell ranks 49ers as top roster in NFL

“With that being said, which one of these guys looks like a Shanahan creation? McCaffrey was an even more devastating playmaker during his peak seasons in Carolina. Samuel looks like a preternatural runner in the open field. Kittle is one of the most physically overwhelming players in the league. I don’t think Juszczyk has the sort of route-running ability to rack up chunk plays as a receiver elsewhere, so maybe you can make the case he’s the player being most aided by Shanahan, but these guys would be stars no matter where they go.”

49ers’ Deebo Samuel working toward odd-year bump after ‘sluggish’ 2022

“According to NFL Next Gen Stats, Samuel reached a max speed of 20.37 mph in San Francisco’s playoff win against the Seattle Seahawks, but he hit only 20 mph in a game twice and touched the 19-plus mph mark only five times in 16 games, including the playoffs. That’s a steep drop from 2021, when Samuel hit a max speed of 20.62 mph (also against Seattle) but touched 20 mph in four games and hit at least 19 mph in all but four of the 20 games (including the playoffs) he played in.”

Pelissero: 49ers’ Brock Purdy starting Week 1 may come down to this one factor

“Everything is trending right now, Rich, toward Brock Purdy being ready for the regular season,” Pelissero told Rich Eisen on Tuesday. “The question is just going to become how comfortable are the 49ers with putting him out there? And that’s going to depend, in part, on how he looks through the course of training camp and how much he can handle.”