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49ers cancel final week of OTAs, replace with two-day minicamp

If you’ve followed this team it’s business as usual

Week 2 of San Francisco 49ers OTAs are a wrap and it looks like it will be the last week as well. The team announced that they will be cancelling week 3 of OTAs.

Don’t worry, just like last year, they just slotted their two-day mandatory minicamp in where the OTAs were. That means there will still be a couple days of something.

Minicamp, as you know, is required and that means everyone without a good excuse should be around. So those players you missed hearing about, like Nick Bosa, who was working out on the other side of the country, have a better likelihood of making an appearance.

On the quarterback front nothing much should change from OTAs to Minicamp. Brock Purdy is still rehabbing (and throwing footballs) and Trey Lance/Sam Darnold are still fighting for snaps with the 1s. Minicamp is only two days, but there should be plenty to talk about from that camp battle.

The minicamp is Tuesday and Wednesday, and those are the final practices until training camp. And hopefully at some point we’ll get Brock Purdy fully into the mix.