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Fred Warner and the 49ers win the inaugural Logan Bowl

His quarterback? Brock Purdy

Christian McCaffrey’s first Logan Bowl, a Madden tournament benefitting The Logan Project, is in the books.

And the winner is none other than San Francisco 49ers linebacker Fred Warner, using the San Francisco 49ers in the game to beat the New York Jets controlled by former 49ers defensive tackle Solomon Thomas. His quarterback? Why Brock Purdy of course. This isn’t a huge statement though.

For those of you thinking the rosters got retooled to become super teams (which many people who play Madden tend to do), part of the rules say the rosters used have to be the rosters that closed last season. So there was no way to move people from the Philadelphia Eagles or other teams to any positions to improve the 49ers.

The 49ers have pretty high Madden ratings with their rosters so not much retooling would be necessary anyways. The fact Thomas was able to get as far as he could with the New York Jets does say something. Madden sometimes goes out of its way to make the lesser roster lose. I’m not sure what the settings are for the Logan Bowl, but just playing and winning normally with one of the worst teams in the league (like say, Houston) can lead craziness in the fourth quarter like whiffed field goals, phantom fumbles and other strange things to make the stronger team win at the last minute. A lot of these strange bugs have been squashed like the infinite time out glitch, but I still read of some strange things happening when a lesser team nearly secures a victory.

The Logan Project is a venture with McCaffrey’s Christian McCaffrey Foundation in honor of Logan Hale, a superfan who died at age 12 from cancer. McCaffrey wanted to honor Hale’s memory by providing children’s hospitals with gaming consoles.

The Logan Project is still taking donations if you wish to contribute.