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Golden Nuggets: Which rookie are you most excited to see in preseason?

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Sunday, June 4th, 2023

Let’s overreact to these 5 things from 49ers OTAs

“Bell was electrifying during rookie minicamp, and he was also a standout during the first week of OTAs, too. And considering San Francisco has a bit of a heated competition at the back end of the receiving depth chart, Bell standing out for the right reasons is a good thing.”

4 players costing 49ers more than $17 million in dead money

“San Francisco will have $17,085,988 in dead money this year. While that sounds like a lot, it’s not close to the most in the NFL. That spot belongs to the Buccaneers and their $75,323,702 in dead money. The 49ers rank 20th in the NFL. The Bengals sit at the bottom of the list with just under $600,000 in dead cap.”

How 49ers’ special teams are adapting to new NFL kickoff rule

“Yeah, we’re doing a lot right now ... Looking at college to see the different kicks, see how people have done it,” special teams coordinator Brian Schneider told reporters Wednesday. “We still don’t know all the rules yet, so we’re trying to go off the rules and what exactly that looks like, so it’s more or less just trying to figure out what we’re going to anticipate seeing, and then I think through preseason and once you start getting some tape on guys, you’ll see their philosophy.”

ESPN: 49ers have ‘no choice’ in Nick Bosa contract negotiations

“Coming off of a season in which he was Defensive Player of the Year and finished sixth in the league’s MVP balloting, the 49ers really have no choice but to make their star edge rusher the highest-paid defender in NFL history,” Barnwell wrote. “A big, round number is coming; Bosa should be the first defensive player in league history to average more than $30 million per season on a multi-year deal.”

Why 49ers QB coach Griese came back for another season (paywall)

“There are few men like him in the NFL. Griese, Mark Brunell (Lions) and Josh McCown (Panthers) are the league’s only position coaches who had more than 11 career NFL starts. Consider the other QB coaches in the NFC West: Greg Olson (Seahawks) was a QB at Spokane (Wash.) Falls Community College, Israel Woolfork (Cardinals) was a wide receiver at Grand Valley State and Zac Robinson (Rams) never threw a regular-season pass in four NFL seasons.”