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Golden Nuggets: What are you looking to see from minicamp?

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Tuesday, June 6th, 2023

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49ers assistants on Trey Lance’s feet, Kalia Davis’ work, Brayden Willis’ fit (paywall)

“The meetings are a focus on the ball,” Sorensen said. “First, I like to recap us: What could be better, what was good? Did we take one away? Did we pick it off? Did we force a fumble? And it’s always about finding the little intricacies of what we can do better and then I’ll look at a different aspect of the league, and what plays are happening across the league that we can get better at.”

Sorensen was on Pete Carroll’s staff in Seattle from 2013 to 2020, and he ran a “Ball” meeting for the Seahawks over his final four seasons there. Current 49ers special teams coordinator Brian Schneider, who was also with Seattle at that time, recommended to Shanahan in 2022 that Sorensen would be good to reprise his role with the 49ers.

Early returns have been exquisite. Sorensen is even nicknamed “The Ballfather” around the 49ers’ facility.”

49ers to work out XFL QB during minicamp

“After transferring from Wisconsin, Coan (6-3, 220) appeared in 13 games in 2021 with the Fighting Irish. He completed 65.5 percent of his passes for 3,150 yards with 25 touchdowns and seven interceptions during his final collegiate season.”

Why signs point to Purdy opening season as 49ers’ starter

“There virtually will be no way one of the other quarterbacks will be able to take the job away from Purdy based solely on practices. Why? Because Purdy already has shown in games what he brings to the team.”

How Deebo, Aiyuk can serve as examples for youngsters Gray, Bell

“Hankerson played four seasons as a wide receiver under Shanahan in Washington and Atlanta. He stresses the importance of consistency with each player’s approach to study time, practices and games....“You got to do it every single day,” Hankerson said.”

Anthony Lynn: Christian McCaffrey looks game-ready right now

“He leads by example and when you see one of your best players practicing and performing like that it elevates the whole team and even the coaching staff,” Lynn said.”

49ers looking forward to full offseason with Christian McCaffrey

“That represents a far cry from the crash course McCaffrey took before stepping onto the field against the Kansas City Chiefs less than 48 hours after he arrived in San Francisco. From there, McCaffrey was able to learn a little more each week, but most of it was game-plan specific. Which means this offseason is his first chance to dive deep into the finer details of Shanahan’s offense....Only once in his career has he been healthy for a full season and worked with the same playcaller as the previous year.”