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Deebo Samuel said his 2022 season was ‘awful’ and that he played out of shape

Samuel said his focus this offseason is to improve his route running after sitting down and watching film with Kyle Shanahan

NFC Championship - San Francisco 49ers v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images

49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan spoke after the 49ers had their mandatory minicamp practice. Brock Purdy did some light jogging on the sideline. Purdy is now throwing three times a week and is “right on pace” with his rehab:

“We’re taking it very slow. If it stays on track, it should heal right away. And it’s on track. I know we want updates, but there are none. It’s just the next day of working out and rehabbing.”

Shanahan was adamant that he’s not following the ins and outs of Purdy’s rehab closely. He sounds like a person tired of answering the same question every day.

There were quarterback stats, but I’d implore everyone that the coaching staff isn’t keeping track of those, especially when the players are in shorts. It’s more about the execution of the play than the result most people focus on.

Sam Darnold took the majority of first team reps during Tuesday’s practice. That’ll be the primary takeaway from social media. Shanahan explained that he’s been switching both Darnold and Trey Lance between the first and second team. Darnold was up first Tuesday, but Shanahan said the competition doesn’t start until training camp.

Deebo plans on bouncing back

Deebo Samuel walked into his presser 21 minutes after noon and said, “good evening, everyone.” Deebo was disappointed in his 2022 season. Samuel said he looked “sluggish” and his 2022 season “was awful. Awful. Every aspect.” He pointed to being set back by contract discussions.

This offseason, Deebo has been focusing on improving his route running. Deebo watched tape with Shanahan recently, and believed he played out of shape last season. You could sense his frustration. Samuel said he won’t put anything like last year on tape again. He also vowed to come into training camp in shape.

Bosa isn’t concerned about his contract

Shanahan shared how his conversations go with Nick Bosa, who is in line to become one of the highest-paid defensive players in the NFL this offseason.

Bosa knows an extension is on the horizon: My confidence is pretty high. I’m pretty confident about that.” And when he was asked whether he’ll become the highest-paid defender, Bosa simply answered, “I think I’ll get what I deserve.”

Bosa said he made some minor changes to his offseason regimen to improve his speed and strength. A part of that was to prepare himself for a longer season and the potential of playing 21 games.