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George Kittle might be getting tired of quarterback “Questions”

Just let him make a cameo to do so.

I love me a good cameo. One of my favorites is when Robert Patrick shows up as the T-1000 in Waynes World. Absolutely random and absolutely hilarious.

That’s why this cameo from George Kittle is awesome. During what would be a routine appearance on The Rich Eisen Show, 49ers Fullback Kyle Juszczyk got the inevitable question about if there was a true quarterback competition in San Francisco by Rich Eisen.

Juszczyk brought in a “guest speaker” on the phone and it turns out to be Kittle.

Kittle wasted no time “You know you’ve been asking a lot of quarterback stuff over my entire career, the fact you keep asking guys it’s just kinda crazy. Is there another concept out there that people want to know about with the San Francisco 49ers?”

Both sides, Eisen’s studio and cohosts, and Juszck and Kittle broke out laughing.

“Kittle,” Eisen asked. “You aren’t still drunk from the Beer Olympics are you?”

“All I know about the Beer Olympics, Rich is that I won with DeForest Buckner as my partner.”

Obviously the “grill” if you call it that was more of a joke as everyone was laughing and there didn’t appear to be any hostility. You could also tell Kittle was holding back laughter. As they talked the Beer Olympics, Eisen eventually returned to ask his “juicy” question “at Juszczyk” returning to Purdy.

“Rich,” Kittle said before letting Juszczyk answer it. “How juicy is it when it gets asked to every single player on the San Francisco 49ers?”

Whether serious or not, Kittle certainly brings a good point. While it’s one of the more intriguing topics this offseason based on the players alone, it’s the question every player seems to have been asked and each time they seem to provide just as much context of the last one.

Asking every player at this point is going to yield a similar ambiguous answer. Juszczyk finished saying “It’s Kyle [49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan’s] decision.” Which means we probably won’t get conclusions until August.

But that question is going to get fired out a few dozen more times before then.