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Golden Nuggets: Who do you think is the best golfer on the current roster?

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Friday, July 14th, 2023

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Jerry Rice, Steve Young have Super Bowl hopes for 49ers: ‘No excuses’ (paywall)

“Asked if he still believes in Lance, given the rocky start to his career, Young said, “Trey doesn’t know. You’ve got to play and get in the groove, and then get kicked in the teeth and figure out how to get through that. If I was Trey, do not leave here. Fight, claw, figure out a way to get on the field with this team. You’ll find out how good you are.”

Lombardi: Javon Hargrave and Christian McCaffrey showcase 49ers’ focus on impact adds (paywall)

“Star power is the 49ers’ chosen fuel at this stage of the process, and they’ll certainly be reliant on it as 2023 comes knocking. York even hinted this offseason that the 49ers may not be done adding pieces this year because they’re again slated to have a full stock of draft capital in 2024 and would therefore pack the ability to make a trade before the deadline.”

Where Bosa ranks among edge rushers per execs, coaches, scouts

“On a list with players like Myles Garrett, Micah Parsons T.J. Watt and Maxx Crosby, Bosa reigns the league’s top edge rushers, per ESPN’s ranking. And he wasn’t the only Bosa on the list.”

Maiocco: Everything still points toward Brock Purdy being the 49ers’ Week 1 starter

“But everything I’ve heard is that the progress and the [physical therapy], all that is right on pace, that there’s been no setbacks,” Maiocco continued. “And it’s not necessarily all systems go. That’ll come a little bit later. But as I understand it, they’re very happy with where he is in his recovery from that surgery.”

Netflix’s Quarterback caught Patrick Mahomes taunting the 49ers defense after a big completion

“In the episode, Mahomes explained that NFL defenses had started pulling their safeties back to prevent deep passes when playing the Chiefs, and that the 49ers had bucked that trend on the pick by sending a safety down low.

Mahomes told a coach on the sideline that San Francisco knew better than to play a safety that close on the Chiefs. Soon after, he made the 49ers pay with the deep bomb to Valdez-Scantling.

“They don’t know I watch tape,” Mahomes joyously exclaimed from the bench after the big gain. “I got tape, brother. I got tape.”